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    A shame, but a completely stupid reason to give up. This makes him look like a complete baby. Suck it up, and stop acting so immature. Oh well, always someone else that will step up and take his place, he ain't that special, and will quickly be forgotten.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    That is a shame that he quit.
    that sucks.. we need these brilliant people to beat the ps3 fully.. oh well..

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    This is pretty sad and those people to do this is an insult to the ps3 scene i believe as they are just a bunch of riff-raft trying to make a dollar on somebody else's back.. you will be missed Hermes and thanks for what you have done for the ps3 scene.

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    While it sucks that this happened, this looks like an eye for eye. Sony was crying foul about their "PS" name in these type of products, now Hermes ragequits when it gets done to him.

    Stuff like this happens all the time, a prudent person would rise above this sillyness and continue.
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    This really sucks. I wonder if $ony had any to do with this. $ony could of just fabricated a fake PSgroove clone with hermes' name on it to drive him away from the ps3 scene because of the many payloads he included in the psgroove hexs. But anyway hopefully he's leaving as just hermes but returns as some anomynous ps3 hacker. At least I hope so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tokyo Rain View Post
    2. Accusing a chinese cloner of being a part of the so called "scene"
    While I quite agree with you that Hermes is a bit overreacting - all others are more or less mentioning Hermes in their "products" as well but on other hand I'm on this one with him as using his (nick-)name is also a bit over the top.

    However - back to you comment - he's not acusing cloners from being part of scene but actually quite opposite - from USING the scene (or it's result) to their own financial gain - which indeed all other do as well anyway, just not naming their product directly after Hermes. However - it's the like including PS3 or Playstation in the name of the JB device ... Hermes simply become a "brand name" of PS3 Jailbraking and homebrew and this was bound to happen soon or later.

    I personally will be sorry to see him leave and I just hope that he'll either miss the PS3 scene and all this rapid developement we've seen in past couple of months and come back eventually (even if "incognito" under another nick) or simply overcome his current anger about this and change his decission after all.

    Hermes - please have a sleep on this and don't allow your ego make any hasty decissions like this for you. Prove your superiority by ignoring lowlifes like that and do what you're clearly enjoying to do

    Either way - good luck and thanks for all your contribution so far. We all here hope that this is not your finall word on this.
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    He'll be back guys!

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    Dude should take it as a compliment.

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    I get why he got pissed off by this, someone trying to make profit from something he made for free expecting just a thanks in return (probably some donations too, i guess).

    He probably is gonna come back to the ps3 scene after some time has passed (hopefully) but this game has made some great stuff at the wii scene, maybe he can rub off some of that awesomeness into the ps3 scene.

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    The website of psgroovehermes looks like it was hacked. Take a look.


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