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  1. #31
    alexl83 Guest
    I'll reboot in linux and try to mess up a little, since I can't sleep tonight

  2. #32
    tjay17 Guest
    Is there a psfreedom one with this?

  3. #33
    MorPs3Kng Guest
    under linux you need to install:

    - gcc
    - avr-gcc
    - ppu-gcc
    Anyone know where to find a Windows version (or similar) of ppu-gcc? If there is such a thing. I did a bunch of searching but not really coming up with what I want.

  4. #34
    evilsperm Guest
    winavr, but dont bother.. this is not compiling under windows/linux.

    I have booted into 2 of my linux box's backtrack 4 and ubuntu and neither one makes any difference to compile it what so ever. They both get the error in the same exact spot of compiling, as where windows gets past it and just errors out at the end when trying to compile the payload...

  5. #35
    MorPs3Kng Guest
    I have winavr but there was 3 items listed as being needed so I assumed that corresponded to the avr-gcc item thus leaving gcc and ppu-gcc. Of which I know where to locate gcc. According to the readme unlike the standard psgroove you need three different compilers for this.

    # gcc: A normal host gcc is required to build the raw2payload application.
    # ppu-gcc: A version of gcc that will compile 64bit PowerPC instructions is required to build the payload.
    # avr-gcc: Like PSGroove, WinAVR or the AVR GCC toolchain are required to build

  6. #36
    angelbemine3 Guest
    Just checked out the main page and they have a link to some precompiled hex codes.

  7. #37
    evilsperm Guest
    the precompiled ones won't have backup manager enabled.

  8. #38
    here2rock Guest
    Can I run backup manager from the USB using this app?

  9. #39
    evilsperm Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by here2rock View Post
    Can I run backup manager from the USB using this app?
    yeah you can run it but it aint gonna do anything for you. when we patch the files before compiling it allows /dev_bdvd allowing backups to be played, without it backup manager wont work.

  10. #40
    masri01 Guest
    Can someone please make a compiled hex for AVR-USB-162?

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