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    Field Guest
    Well finally got my Maximus AVR USB device. Tried the hex listed here and none worked. Even the original AerialX files didn't. Not saying that they don't work with the devices available, but it doesn't seem to work with the Maximus AVR USB, which is weird as it's based off the AT90USB162.

    Plugged the device in, installed all the usb drivers for win7, found the device, erased, check, flashed, check. Ok with Flip. Then plugged in console, no leds, nothing. Tried the AT90USB hex and that seemed to work flashing wise, but the other ones (blackcat, teeny) stated error flashing. So found MAX_AVRUSB_psgroove.hex and used that [that seems to be based on the original psgroove hex]

    Straight away after flashing, the LED lit red, and Windows detected the USB Hub device. Plugged into the console and booted into debug. Was able to install the FTP as The Last Guy demo, which was cool. So even though the hex here works with other devices, it doesn't seem to work with the Maximus device. Not sure why, if you want me to upload the hex for that device for sussing out, let me know.

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    evilsperm Guest
    I have got in touch with AerialX and this is the verdict directly quoted from his email.

    "To enable bdvd support, you'll need to add roughly a hundred lines to the port1_config_descriptor.S file. Many changes need to be made to these lines, to merge it with the payload code, so this means you'll need knowledge of PowerPC ASM and know how to use my defines. The reason they haven't been included is because they take up a fair bit of space; I'm not sure if it will all neatly fit when combined with my payload - and if it does, it will just barely. Specifically, the kernel module and mount point syscall are missing from my payload, and the open hook needs to be merged properly."

    I have tried to merge payloads and a few other tricks from my old ASM days but to no avail... I am sure someone with more talent then myself with PowerPC and ASM knowledge will be able to figure this out, that being said still might not work. So to recap for time being there will be no bdvd support in the near future with AerialX's PSGroove fork.

    Big thanx to AerialX for all of his hard work and I hope to see more from him in the future!


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