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  1. #101
    jd200 Guest


    can someone kind do hex for pic 18F2550 please

  2. #102
    LioMajor Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
    only 1 file is modified... and it has been explained by CJPC so yes I am referring you to AerialX Source cuz either way your gonna need that source. Even though I hate spoon feeding people here is the patched descriptor.h

    Sorry but i hate to say it, did you check the AerialX's src? Descriptor.h is not used anymore, i tested your .hex anyway.

    But mounting is NOT working. To get it working again, the Assembler file needs to be edited.

    I thought you did that.



  3. #103
    evilsperm Guest
    LioMajor: No I didn't go through the source but I will try to work on a fix now. Thanx for the heads up.

  4. #104
    bigdaddie Guest
    You're right, I just noticed that i cannot run my backups with this port, so i guess it's not compiled correctly and maybe that's why backups and the apploader don't work... btw. running it with a Teensy2.0.

  5. #105
    LioMajor Guest
    To be exact,

    its /* */ in descriptor.h because it is now declared in payload_apploader.S

    or if you choose the other payload > payload_default.S


  6. #106
    evilsperm Guest
    correct if payload_defaut.S is used the BM will work, I am looking into payload_apploader.S to see where it needs to be patched now.

  7. #107
    dentnu Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
    As for AT90USBKEY / AT90USBKEY2 it is exactly the same I just cloned/renamed it for the noobs.
    Thanks for clearing that up for me. You think you can plz compile me a xplain version that's patched when you get a chance plz ?


  8. #108
    LioMajor Guest
    Last time it worked switching " xxxx " with " bdvd " this time this is not working.

    My friend and i worked backwards from the generated .h and found also

    " /dev_ " > " usb000 " , so we tested to alter the .S string to " bdvd "

    but its not working.

  9. #109
    evilsperm Guest
    LioMajor: I am having the same issues, its not a simple 0x62, 0x64, 0x76, 0x64

    I ran into problems altering the .S as well but I'll keep pushing and see what will turn up

  10. #110
    iLLNESS Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    etc etc. most notably, his payload STOPS right before the normal /dev_bdvd would start.

    if anyone else wants to play around a bit and see, just do a:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    then open up the .h file. this will create aerialx's payload. to compare to the 'default' payload included with his source for comparison, edit port1_config_descriptor.S then remake the payload with the above command.

    this is all way beyond my knowledge right now and i dont see it as simple as just inserting some of the code from the default to his payload.

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