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    Subverter Guest

    PSGroove with Apploader Payload by AerialX is Released

    Today AerialX has released a new version of PSGroove that allows you to use the apploader function.

    Apploader (the 1st folder above install packages) allows you to run PS3 pkg's without installing them, it can also run eboot.bin's with some modification.

    Download: PSGroove with Apploader Payload / PSGroove with Apploader Payload and Peek/Poke Syscalls / PSGroove with Apploader Payload Guide / Precompiled Hex Codes

    To quote: My PSGroove fork is up! Functions are relocatable and it includes the USB stick apploader payload.


    This fork comes with multiple payloads, which you can enable by editing port1_config_descriptor.S. All payloads have been rearranged so that they do not use hardcoded addresses anymore; you can rewrite and resize functions without worrying about offsetting others.

    ### Default Payload
    The default payload performs the basic PSGroove exploit; it allows you to install and run unsigned packages.

    ### Apploader Payload
    This payload makes use of the /app_home/PS3_GAME menu item. You may place an application on a USB drive under the PS3_GAME folder to run it without installing a package.

    Note that simply extracting a .pkg onto the USB drive is not quite enough for a program to run. EBOOT.BIN must be slightly modified to boot properly.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    red8316 Guest
    LOL love the screenshot. Thanks AerialX for sharing! I am loving the almost daily tools and apps coming out now.

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    Calo09 Guest
    kind of like portable appz lol.

    thanks a lot, i'm loving all these new utilities.

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    itwong Guest


    more and more like the psp now. Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

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    spark32 Guest
    Can I download retail or debug .pkg links off here and run them with this?

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    Calo09 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by spark32 View Post
    Can I download retail or debug .pkg links off here and run them with this?
    you can download and run .pkg files. if your ps3 jailbroken, if its not then you can't.

    sorry if i got you wrong though.

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    MaRINoL69 Guest
    Now, if we can get a backup enabled version, we'll be all set...

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    kally12 Guest
    Just an update. Peek and Poke syscalls have been added.

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    damex0r Guest
    so what do you have to do to slightly modify the eboot.bin?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by kally12 View Post
    Just an update. Peek and Poke syscalls have been added.
    Good news indeed, I will update the news with this in case anyone wants to use this with the LV2Dump app.

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