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    xPreatorianx Guest
    Are those files region independent? Meaning any system can use them?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
    ... add what... where??
    Not sure if it will help make any more sense, but I attached the HDDO.RAR file pack to his post from that French site in it. Good luck!

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    moja Guest
    One user on that thread (I read every page) reported that it didn't work for him, but there weren't really any specifics. There is speculation that this revolves around region coding of the BR drive. It seems PAL users have more successful downgrades with the modified PUPs.

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    Mbb Guest
    I can 100% confirm that downgrading will format you PS3 on the FAT (80GB).

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    Helmax Guest
    I didn't read all 5 pages so far, but I see the word Master Key being thrown around on here. Did we in fact find the PS3 Master Key? If so, why are we not digitally signing our homebrew and testing that instead of downgrading?

    Or is this Master Key something else?

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    deank Guest
    I guess we'll need someone to code an application that will be able to sign the files.

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    flashpc Guest
    As the playback problem could be due to the modified 3.41 pup file, has anyone tried downgrading to an earlier firmware and then updating to the OFW 3.41, wouldn't that then clear up any issues with the blu-ray playback??

  8. #48
    deank Guest
    Here is the HEX for ATMEGA168 from ps2chiper.

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    FMAranda Guest
    Sad for us, PIC users, there is no downgrade working to this board.

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    deank Guest
    That's why I use sony ericsson experia x1 with psgroove, pic18f2550 i think and atmega168... The updates come really slow for all of these three, but at least come at some point.

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