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    Rightfoot Guest
    Just so you know, Klutsh has updated his psfMod (klutsh.com/downloads/) so you can now use android devices to get into service mode!

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    nothinelse Guest
    thanks elser1 - I don't urgently need to downgrade again so I want to be a bit more prepared before jumping the gun this time! I'm thinking of using a 3rd party tool to format a big FAT32 partition (I'm on Vista and limited to 32GB with the built in tool) and then hoping the PS3 backup utility will pick up all my games on the internal drive.

    I did a backup before upgrading the internal hard drive and it all fit onto a 32GB partition, but now it is saying I need more than 190GB, so I guess that's a good sign!

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    BwE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by p666 View Post
    This will keep getting asked -- so to fix bluray, downgrade to 3.41 using the special modded pup. Then downgrade to pre 3.41 using a standard PUP update (say 3.21) in factory mode.

    Then use the standard update process to go back to 3.41 using an official 3.41 PUP. This will install the proper firmware files you'll need for bluray

    Bit of a stuff around, but will fix the /dev_flash3/ being from a different fw.
    i had a feeling this would work

    i said it first!!

    i'd still need to confirm everything myself - i need some blurays!!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Another question to this. Will the modded *.PUP disable the bluray drive for everything or just for bluray movies ? Would be cool if someone can clear this.

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    Dominator7 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mantagtj View Post
    dominator7 YES ! FTP them or BACK them up but some are protected so FTP.

    EVERYONE it is always best to back up EVERYTHING before you do anything so big as DOWNGRADING, it always plays to THINK AHEAD.
    You mean protected saves, like the resident evil 5, won't be available after I backup-downgrade-restore? And how on earth FTP them when I'm already on 3.50?!

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    danandrews80 Guest
    Is it likely that this will be ported to Rockbox for Ipod devices or does anyone know if this is available already. How about Ipod Touch 2g?

    Thanks in advance

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    zeromx Guest
    Has anyone tried P666's solution for the BD fix??... if so can you give details, model of your ps3, usb device used, hex used etc... was it JB before?

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    TiagoSampaio Guest
    Can anyone help me please ? I'm desperate already. I have one atmega168 with 16mhz chip.

    Can anyone compile one hex for them please ?

    I pay something please.

    Best regards

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    BwE Guest
    apparently... the issue can reside with the e3/cloner payloads

    or the region of the ps3.

    but yeah the apparent solutions seem to work but i need proper confirmation!

    i want somebody with a messed console to try one of the fixes.

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    Karl69 Guest

    Downgraded PS3 not playing BluRays

    PS3s won't play movie blurays after being downgraded from 3.50 to 3.41.

    If this is true, I can only imagine that it has to do something with BluRay security certificates having being blacklisted or something like that.


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