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    Contributor hardhouseinc's Avatar
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    Dec 2010

    Damn, so I guess only the old school model / fat PS3 / can go back to any version with this process?? I never read that here before...

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    I just ordered a fat console, when getting it will notify you.

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    I may try and find a cheap one too to experiment with.

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    PS2: CECH-2501A Slim, Built Oct 2010, FW. 3.50
    Jig: Teensy 2.0

    After confirming PS3 was in service mode:
    - File 1 + FW. 3.41 modified = FAIL
    - File 1 + FW. 3.15 debug = FAIL
    - File 1 + FW. 3.15, 3.20, 3.30 retail = FAIL
    - File 1 + FW. 3.41 debug = FAIL
    - File 1 + FW. 3.41 kiosk = FAIL
    - File 1 + FW. 3.50 = SUCCESS wtf

    My PS3 which I purchased with 3.50 will not downgrade. Just a continuous green blinking light with a corrupted OS that needs reloading. Only thing that it will accept with the File 1 is FW. 3.50.

    Any suggestions from those who have done this right? I tried the modified 3.41 and nothing either.

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    Does some of you tried to "Upgrade" via Service Mode ?! I know, curious... but did it work ?

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    Sorry in advance for the super no0b questions, but I have FAT PS3 with 3.5 on it currently.

    1. Is it currently possible to downgrade my console to 3.41? On page 1 of this Tutorial says it's possible with the PS3 USB JB, recent posts say otherwise.

    2. Is it necessary to purchase the "downgrade jig" or are there downloads available to create my "downgrade jig"

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    Moderator CJPC's Avatar
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    Apr 2005

    Depends on which JB device you have - for many there are ways, but for some you can not convert to a downgrade jig.

    But yes, if it is available for your stick you can turn it into a downgrade jig.

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    Yup, with the SLIM you can install 3.5 in service mode but you can't go back. Only to the modified firmware it seems and that has problems. Damn slim I hate you!!!

    Can anyone explain what this file does for the modded 3.41 firmware. I saw an explanation of installing it here..

    But as far as I have tried, again and again, you can't roll back on a slim from 3.5 to ANY firmware...

    Any explanations are much appreciated.


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    Sr. Member joffe's Avatar
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    Apr 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by hardhouseinc View Post
    But as far as I have tried, again and again, you can't roll back on a slim from 3.5 to ANY firmware...

    Any explanations are much appreciated.
    Here's my guess:

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    Sr. Member mushy409's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by ronde View Post
    Is it possible to downgrade with PS Jailbreaker or usb memory stick? I'm new here so would really appreciate if someone could help me on this.
    You've just browsed to this site and just zoomed straight for the HACKS section - try the Guides & Tutorials instead.


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