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    PS3JB TI-84 Plus v0.09.0001 and PS3JB TI-89 Titanium v0.03.0001 from BrandonW.

    Updates now include the ability to specify the dongle ID to be used (instead of always 0xAAAA) when emulating the Sony official JIG stick for downgrading.

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    What USB dongle are these files used with?

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    I just tried today to downgrade from 3.40 to 3.01. So far just fail. The light only flashes green and never does anything.


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    Are you trying to do this on slim console?

    If yes, you can't do that on slim.

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    HUH?? You can't roll the software backwards on a slim with the PS3Break? Yes it is a slim. It let me go FORWARD to 3.50 but now Ive tried to go backward to 3.41 and it won't boot up.... GRRRR....

    This downgrade process is impossible on a slim??


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    You can go back to 3.41 modified version (not retail version) on slim from 3.42 and 3.5.

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    So it hit the bed when I tried to go to 3.41 and 3.01 factory PUP. HOSED. Put 3.50 back on using the downgrade function to go FORWARD on the slim.

    So what, you cant install 3.41 and cant use the PS3 break to downgrade or run the game play feature since you can't roll back to 3.41??

    I have not seen this here anywhere I've read before.

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    Sorry didn't understood you.

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    I mean. My whole goal when getting the PS3Break dongle was to go back to an OLD firmware to get past the Cinavia protection on bluray mkv files when I stream them. The dongle says go back to ANY software on its info on their website, SO why can't I go back to any other software other than the modified 3.41 on the slim??

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    Actually donno but that's it. And if you know a way, plz inform us.

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