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Thread: PSGrade - PS3 Downgrading, Master Key and Hex Codes Arrive!

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    I merged the Blu-ray thread into our ongoing PS3 Blu-ray drive fix thread for now... when more user-friendly/less risky/non-leaked info surfaces we will start a new thread on the main page but right now this is a mess and just not worth the effort.

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    condorstrike Guest
    yeah, the more I read about this possible fix, the more scary it is... specially for noobs, cause all the documentation is a mess, you need a pc bd-drive, and specially since the info was leaked and it's not finalized...

    truly, what a mess...

    Well, here's a little update: Arodd's original post has been updated it to make it clearer to follow, but PLEASE note if do decide to follow this, you might RISK forever loosing your Blu-Ray Drive TOTALLY with a future new disc, or other problems might be found out in the future, the #ps3bluray developers suggest you wait until more testing is done and easier to use GUI is developed!

    well, at least they're not giving up, and are planning on creating a Gui...

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    thexnightmare Guest
    Dear all,

    anyone have modified 3.15 PUP to be able to downgrade to 3.15 on my fat console?


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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Use retail *.PUP - works fine.

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    thexnightmare Guest
    Thanks a lot man, will try now.

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    hardhouseinc Guest
    Will the PS3 files here work with the PS3 break? I'm looking to downgrade to 3.0 or 3.01 to circumvent the Cinavia protection problem. I don't really play games and just want to be able to stream any MKV file.

    So, if I get the 3.0 or 3.01 PUP file and dowgrade, will it work with my PS3 break?

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    bgrewar Guest
    Graf_Chokolo has got the new HV master key

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardhouseinc View Post
    Will the PS3 files here work with the PS3 break?
    Yes, they will... all the attachments are here:

    Depending on which version of PS3 Break you have (v1.0 or v1.1/1.2) search for the following files in the link above:
    • psgrade_ps3Break%20v1.0.rar
    • PS3break_v1.0.rar
    • downgrade.pdf
    • PS3break%20V1.0%20Burner%20Guide.pdf
    • PS3Break Loader v1.1.rar
    • PS3Break PSGrade v1.1+1.2.rar

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    hardhouseinc Guest
    OK, figured out with the PS3 Break flasher what to do with the mHex file to create the software downgrader dongle.

    If I install new 3.01 software with this HD, remove the HD and put in a different HD, install 3.41, am I able to swap out HDs and
    swich between 3.01 and 3.41 depending on what HD is installed when I boot? That would be quite a usefull thing if I can.

    Thanks for all the help so far. You guys are helpful and appreciate any future help I may also need



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    ronde Guest
    Is it possible to downgrade with PS Jailbreaker or usb memory stick? I'm new here so would really appreciate if someone could help me on this.


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