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Thread: PSGrade - PS3 Downgrading, Master Key and Hex Codes Arrive!

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    lopaka311 Guest
    what is the standard process to go up to 3.41?

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Download 3.41 and update like a normal user would.

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    lopaka311 Guest
    so I can update through sony to 3.41 or is there a special trick?

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    Apr 2005
    Correct, just get the 3.41 PUP update from our download section once you become a Registered User or Google for it.

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    lopaka311 Guest
    so after downgrading to 2.1 to upgrade back to 3.41 all I get is a flashing green light how long should it flash?

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    hackerxide Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lopaka311 View Post
    so after downgrading to 2.1 to upgrade back to 3.41 all I get is a flashing green light how long should it flash?
    Did you use the modified 3.41 pup file or the regular one? The regular one should be used if you have any firmware below 3.41 , this flashing green light is it on start up of ps3, or once you selected to upgrade?

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    lopaka311 Guest
    I believe I was using a regular firmware 3.41, ok reloaded the modified to get back to no blu ray but I do have menu.

    it was flashing at the end of the upgrade. what is the best fw to downgrade to to upgrade back to 3.41?

    ok after downgrading twice and failing to get the blu ray player back online I am done for the night.

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    darkchaos Guest
    Sorry, this is only a beta version. I will update the file and upload it asap.

    The PSgrade file this already included within the software itself


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    ronde Guest
    Can I downgrade my ps3 if my dongle is PS Jailbreaker? Or can I downgrade it with simple memory stick? THANKS!!

    Couple more things.. FOR OTHER USB DONGLES:

    1. LOAD the PSGrade Payload just like you would any PSGroove Payload. If you don’t know how ask.
    2. This will now be referred to as the DOWNGRADE JIG

    I am asking now.

    Is this guide for downgrading or doing something else?

    1. INSERT a BLANK FAT32 USB Flash Drive and copy 2 files to the ROOT DIRECTORY:
    a. Modified 3.41 PUP
    b. Lv2Diag.self (File 1)
    2. This will now be referred to as the USB DRIVE WITH 3.41 DOWNGRADE
    3. AFTER STEP 11. On the DOWNGRADING YOUR PS3 Section.
    5. The drive should now be BLANK copy 1 file to the ROOT DIRECTORY:
    a. Lv2Diag.self (File 2)
    6. This will now be referred to as the SERVICE MODE OFF USB DRIVE

    Sorry for being noob, but if someone could help me on this I would be thankful rest of my life! THANKS! MERRY XMAS TO ALL!!

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    condorstrike Guest

    PS3 Phat Blu-ray Restored, May Trigger More Problems

    From garyopa (
    Finally, after alot of nights looking at HEX editors until your eyes started dreaming in HEX and tons of people working together figuring out the format of the DRL1/DRL2 files that get destoried by the downgrading process for some reason on the 256mb NAND PHAT PS3 consoles.

    A confirmed way to restored your blu-ray playback has been posted in the wee hours of the morning, when everyone should have been busy dreaming of their XMAS gifts, but in a way this a special XMAS gift for all PS3 consoles!

    Please note, that this is just a rough way to get you back up and running and you need to be handy in using a PC with a Blu-Ray Reader and a HEX editor, but these hard-working PS3 developers are working on building a easy tool to make the steps much more easier for all the PHAT PS3 owners waiting.

    UPDATE #4: Since tons of people have been using the PHP script to fix up their blu-ray playback, you might be able to do the same if you lucky enough to own one of the same movie titles, see here for list of already ready to download titles:


    UPDATE #3c: Many people have been able to restored their Blu-Ray playback by following the HEX editing steps below!

    But now thanks to the helping hand that Arodd has offered he now shares with us a easy to use PHP script! Where you can upload your MKB file and it returns a custom built DRL just for you to use on your PS3! Now updated to v1.1!

    MKB to DRL Script

    For this to be successful you need to take your original blu-ray movie discs you own that you have played on your PS3, and you need to find the ones with the highest MKB value and then try out those resulting DRL's on your PS3 until you find the one that you had played that in fact updated your drive! -- Read the following to try to understand the logic:
    Originally Posted by arodd: Though movies can have the same MKB version, different titles have different DRL's/HRL's and you need the title that has the matching DRL to go with the HRL currently on your blu ray drive. -- For Example:
    Played Title(mkb17) = DRLa(dev_flash3)<-> HRLa(Blu Ray Drive) <- new higher mkb, so files updated!
    Played Title(mkb19) = DRLb(dev_flash3)<-> HRLb(Blu Ray Drive) <- again newer mkb, so drive updates!
    Played Title(mkb19) = DRLc(dev_flash3)<-> HRLc(Blu Ray Drive) <- we are already at 19, so no update!
    Played Title(mkb3) = DRLd(dev_flash3)<-> HRLd(Blu Ray Drive) <- still at 19, so again no update!
    If this was the sequence of movies played in order, your Blu-Ray drive would have HRLb, and you would need DRLb to restore playback. Replacing your dev_flash3 from someone elses has no impact on this requirement as the HRLb is still on your blu-ray drive.
    Sadly, you still will need a PC with a Blu-Ray reader to grab the BD:/AACS/MKB_RO.inf file from the movie disc, but SnakeMar points out you can also downgrade to v3.15, install linux from this link: (Ubuntu 0.04

    And then insert your blu-ray disc, and it appear on the screen, then just navigate on /dev/cdrom/AACS/ and grab the MKB_RO.inf -- It's just another way for people don't have Blu-Ray reader on their PC!

    UPDATE #2: Arodd's original post has been restored and it has now been updated it to make it clearer to follow, but PLEASE note if do decide to follow this, you might RISK forever loosing your Blu-Ray Drive TOTALLY with a future new disc, or other problems might be found out in the future, the #ps3bluray developers suggest you wait until more testing is done and easier to use GUI is developed!

    UPDATE #1: Before you can review Arodd's original post below, or act on using this system of restoring your blu-ray playback, you should read this PM I got from one of the Project #ps3bluray members!
    Originally Posted by hi3:

    I hope you and your family are having a merry christmas!

    We have not been introduced or spoken before, but as the principle researcher/reverser/coder of the #PS3bluray project, seeing the half-baked test methodology leaked onto the psx-scene forums without authorization today was startling. Let me explain.

    We have been working on a number of theories on blu-ray restoration recently armed with advanced knowledge ( of the TVR/DRL structure of the DRL1/DRL2 files. This leaked test method is just one of several being worked on.

    Having this published so early, after a single test is half-baked and dangerous, many people are going to not be able to follow this procedure properly, and may trigger the traitor system built into AACS.

    It would be great if you took down the story, or at minimum put a serious warning and disclaimer about attempting to use the test methodology and the repercussions that my follow. If the traitor system is triggered it could lead to drive/host revocation en-masse in the future.

    Well they banned me from their IRC chat, and removed my info from their wiki page.

    Leaking test information means you cannot be trusted.

    They didn't think this fix was good enough? It's worked for several people. I'm just trying to help everyone out. I came up with the method to grab the needed data using information from their wiki on the format of the data inside.

    You were given this test method by me to test in the early hours today, to try to claim it as your own is mind boggling.

    If this fix isn't good enough for them, they can keep working towards a better one, but in the mean time those that can follow my directions with grabbing the data from the MKB should be able to attempt to fix theirs on there own without waiting.

    Your ignorance of the AACS protection traitor system is clear by leaking this test method. You can read all about the traitor system in the AACS spec documents linked from the project wiki.

    Oh well, maybe they want to bask in all of the glory. I don't really care for glory, just wanted to help others out who lost their playback.

    Right, YOUR Christmas present to all.

    I'm not a "tester" for them, just participated in some technical conversations with some "members" of their group to begin understanding the problem and then figured I would try and grab the mkb data(which contains the drl/hrl) from the last disc that I knew I played and try that. I came up with this test on my own, they weren't having me *test it*

    Again, to attempt to claim Project #PS3bluray theories as your own is a sign of character. But your little charade here has pointed out to us that proper vetting of "testers" is needed moving forward to prevent potentially dangerous test methods from being published.
    Originally Posted by arodd:
    I updated some of the wording in my original posting making it slightly easier to understand and now that it has been restored I feel comfortable directly posting a copy of it here....

    There is now a *hacky* method of doing a safe downgrade for users who don't have the ability to do a backup of their drl files. This method can also be used to fix a ps3 with broken playback if you know the newest disc your ps3 has played.

    If you go out and rent Inception(high mkb) and play this in your ps3 before downgrading this spreadsheet will be updated with the hex values of the DRL files to potentially recover your blu ray playback.

    The DRL data from inception is now in the spreadsheet, this is a good candidate as it has one of the higher mkb versions. Let's say that The Dark Knight was the highest MKB version that your PS3 has seen, then the below data would be used to restore your playback.

    We have found out that the mkb from the title that updated your drl files can be used to restore your playback completely. The MKB data is located inside BD://AACS/MKB_RO.inf; If you use a PC BD drive from windows, mac, linux, etc. You can extract this data. We are working towards a method of doing this from the PS3 directly, but so far it appears GAMEOS may be blocking this file.

    If this file is opened in a hex editor the beginning of the file contains the Type and Version record...

    ie: 10 00 00 0C 00 04 10 03 00 00 00 09(mkb version in hex) -- The Dark Knight (12 bytes) 0x09 -> MKB9

    Then the HRL is listed....

    21(HRL) 00 00 6C(record length) 00 00 00 07 00 00 00 07 00 09 FF FF 00 00 00 0B 00 00 FF FF 00 00 00 16 00 08 FF FF 00 00 00 21 00 03 FF FF 00 00 00 35 00 04 FF FF 00 00 00 4E 00 03 FF FF 00 00 00 54 00 03 FF FF 00 00 00 5E 2B 73 F1 7E 29 D4 04 7D 74 84 21 1E 3F 35 42 FE EB 3E B9 B1 63 B9 57 7D 86 AF F4 1A 02 A9 33 61 96 51 5A 67 0A 27 5C 8A -- The Dark Knight (0x6c = 108 bytes)

    Following the HRL the actual DRL data begins.

    20(DRL) 00 00 34(record length) 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 44 8F F5 FA B4 79 A3 FD FC B9 92 01 35 5C 21 3B D9 8C D3 20 06 B0 76 B5 46 92 1E 46 52 16 EE A5 5D 1E 7B 2D 02 C7 6D 0A -- The Dark Knight (0x34 = 52 bytes)

    Combining the Type and Version Record with the DRL data gives you the hex contents of the proper DRL1/DRL2 files if this disc was the highest mkb version your ps3 has seen. This is called a Partial MKB.

    10 00 00 0C 00 04 10 03 00 00 00 09 20 00 00 34 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 44 8F F5 FA B4 79 A3 FD FC B9 92 01 35 5C 21 3B D9 8C D3 20 06 B0 76 B5 46 92 1E 46 52 16 EE A5 5D 1E 7B 2D 02 C7 6D 0A

    The above hexed over your broken drl will restore your playback. This isn't surefire if you've played another movie that is higher than inception or have updated your drl with a different movie that is the same mkb as inception. All in all you just need to know which newest disc updated your drl and that will give you the method to restore your playback. Most won’t have to try too many DRL variations until finding the right title.

    Others are (0x3c = 60 bytes)

    10 00 00 0c 00 04 10 03 00 00 00 13 20 00 00 3c 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 01 03 e7 00 00 00 00 00 01 93 78 15 97 ad d4 32 7b 90 7f 5b b7 f2 b2 e7 99 d9 ee 28 11 8c b5 4a f3 c1 fe 35 56 bd bf 9a db 38 7a 29 49 d4 87 ba 01 -- Inception (0x3c = 60 bytes) 0x13 -> MKB 19

    If you have MKB files from titles not on the spreadsheet and aren’t comfortable extracting this data yourself. Add a download link tempfiles, rapidshare, putfile, etc. to the spreadsheet with the movie title and I will grab the data and update the spreadsheet. Also if you find the hex for your title, please update the spreadsheet to help some others who may have used the same movie and don’t have a BD drive or the skills to produce it themselves.

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