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    BwE Guest
    confirmed by me to NOT repair an already broken bluray drive.

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    darkchaos Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sniperwolf64 View Post
    Hi, i have an atmel atmega16a au-1027 dongle. I got ps3 speed tool v15 that darkchaos posted earlier and Got the IDs for my dongle as follows:

    VendorID: 0xC0DE
    ProductID: 0xAAAA

    Can anyone put a link to the right psgrade hex file that i need to flash my dongle to downgrade?


    Here is the uploader tool. Sorry, but I got no jailbreak device to be able to test the file. But I think it will work. Just let me know if something`s wrong. I have already included the PSGrade downgrade files.

    Just ''erase'' first, then choose ''downgrader''. Then just follow the regular guides available for Downgrade.

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    nguyenet Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by atlask2 View Post
    For people having some problem to read bd movies after downgrade, someone on Gxmod have found how to enabled it. you need to add this files:

    - divx on \drm
    - 2files on vsh\bdplayer\
    - all \widget
    I am confused on where to add these files.

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    Apr 2005


    Another EcliPS3 Firmware Manager v1.5 update which includes new downgrader code, and several optimizations:
    Eclipse Updater v1.5

    - New downgrader code implemented. Several Firmware optimizations.

    - Misc optimizations.


    Note: When downgrading you may in some cases loose saved data on the PS3 HDD.

    Flashing Eclipse

    Flash your Eclipse as you normally would.
    After you have completed the downgrading procedure as described below you must reflash your Eclipse with the standard firmware.


    - Prepare a blank USB memory stick with only 2 files inside: Lv2Diag.self (file 1) and the modified 3.41 PUP file.
    These must be in the root of the memory stick. No other file must be present.
    - Insert the Eclips3 with the downgrade firmware in your console.
    - Turn on the PS3 using the standard sequence; Remove power (or power plug) from the PS3,insert Eclips3 into USB port, power on, then quickly press eject.
    After a very short while the PS3 will power off.
    - Turn on the PS3 to confirm that it is in Service Mode. You should see a red box on the screen saying Factory Service Mode.
    (If you are using a component cable the image might be garbled). Turn off the PS3 and remove Eclips3.
    - Insert the USB memory stick with the 2 files on in the "right USB port" of the PS3 and turn it on.
    The screen will be black, but the LED on the PS3 will blink.
    - Wait for approximately 3 minutes. In the end the PS3 power button will flash green and then the PS3 will turn off.
    Wait 3 minutes for the system to install the old FW, towards the end the power button on the console will start flashing green and then your console will power off.
    - Remove the USB memory stick and turn on the PS3. It will still be in service mode. you can now verify that it has been downgraded to v3.41. If you wish
    to downgrade to an earlier firmware you can do so now, there is no need to use modified custom PUP when the firmware has already been downgraded to 3.41.
    - Insert USB drive in PC, delete the 2 files, and copy LV2Diag.self (file 2) to it.
    - Insert USB memory stick and power on the PS3. After approximately 10 seconds it will power off.
    - Remove the USB memory stick and power on the PS3. The procedure is now complete.

    Have fun!

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    ajsd34 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by nguyenet View Post
    I am confused on where to add these files.
    I am too. Can someone please let us know how to do this?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ajsd34 View Post
    I am too. Can someone please let us know how to do this?
    Run FTP client on PS3 and find the directories where to replace files.

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    ajsd34 Guest
    Thank you for the information.

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    sniperwolf64 Guest
    Thanks a lot man. Will try it and let you know

    It didn't work and says device not detected eventhough my dongle shows green light. Also you mentioned that you included the psgrade files but didn't find them in the rar file. One more thing what did you mean by erase first cuz didn't find anything to erase. Hope you can help.

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    zeromx Guest

    PS3DJB v2.5 for HTC HD2 (Downgrade using HTC)

    PS3DJB is an application for Android phones to downgrade to an earlier version of the current firmware on your PS3, you'll enjoy the pleasures of JailBreak in 3.41.

    This new version is now compatible with PS3DJB HTC HD2, but the author of this application is currently the focus to many other Android devices like the HTC Touch Pro, HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Diamond , HTC Diamond 2, HTC Tilt 2 as well as the HTC Fuze. Here are the changes in this version:

    Version 2.5:
    • Bonton Jailbreak, backup and restore deleted.
    • The Jailbreak now has a dedicated folder containing a precompiled installer for Android
    • Added a button to launch Android dedicated to those who have compiled versions in the folder android.
    • New startup icon (thank you drkfngthdragnlrd)

    What the app does:

    This app will allow you to downgrade your firmware to any firmware you want. (PS3 Slim's cannot go as far back as Fat Consoles.) The downgrade only works with FW's up to 3.50. (If you have FW3.55 you are out of luck for now. Unfortunately there is no solution on the market nor in the community for that FW version.)

    This app will also allow you to patch your android build with all the files needed to jailbreak your ps3 (this will be changed real soon). It also includes many payloads so u can use the one that best matches your needs.


    Make sure you have placed your android build of your choice on the root of your sd card before installing. Your android build must be placed in the Android folder.

    1. install downgradeupdater.cab to storage card. (this only contains the downgrade folder)
    2. install PS3DJB.cab to storage card. (this contains the main UI and all jailbreak files) (does not include modified 3.41 PUP, lv2diag.self file 1 and lv2diag.self file 2)

    Pre Use:

    1. run app and select backup original android build (must do this first before you run setup jailbreak if you want to keep your original zImage of your Android build.)
    2. select setup jailbreak. This will transfer all the files to your android build. if you replace your android build later on with a newer version just rerun the setup jailbreak.


    1. once you set up jailbreak then proceed to select Launch PS3DJB. Follow the jailbreak instructions on the process. There are tons of tuts on how to do so. It is all they same for the most part. What is different for the HD2 is Once you boot into Android go and launch Gscript and select the payload of your choice. Then wait till it starts to auto countdown then plug the phone into the ps3 and start the jailbreak process.
    2. If you want to downgrade your ps3 launch downgrader. This will take you to a mini android build made specifically for downgrading your ps3. This will not affect your other android builds

    Questions and Answers:

    Q) how do I know when everything backed up, restored or setup for jailbreak?
    A) it will complete when the button image snaps back to normal when completed.

    Q) im done downgrading and cant turn off the phone with the power button?
    A) If you run the downgrade portion of the app you will need to pull the battery out when your done and reboot the phone. this is not due to my app it is part of the downgrade setup.

    Q) Where is the Gscript folder located at?
    A) gscript folder installs to the root of your SD card. It should install when you install the PS3DJB.CAB if you do not see it. Reboot your phone. Sometimes it caches till a reboot. not sure if its a OS issue or a Rom issue.

    Q) I started Gscript and only see a couple of payloads. Isnt there more?
    A) if you are missing payloads in gscript listing hit the windows button then select add script. Then finally select load. find a missing script select it and save. it will now populate to your main list in gscript. you will need to add. hermes 3.50 + PSN v4b, CE-X hybrid payload, and 2.76FW payload.

    Q) I have multiple android builds will this mess with them?
    A) Yes and No. It will only mess the the android build located in the Android Folder. If you want to make sure your stock android build stays stock after jailbreaking run the backup original android build button first to back up a copy of your original zImage. Once your done jailbreaking just run restore original android build to restore the backedup zImage.

    Q) Do I need to install the downgradeupdater.Cab if I don’t plan on downgrading?
    A) No you do not. It does not affect anything releated jailbreaking. If you hit the launch downgrader button without it installed will cause the app to display a message about it missing.

    Q) if i downgrade will i loss my game saves? if so how do i keep them?
    A) If you downgrade you may loose your game save. Go to system settings and back up your system. the option is at the bottom of the list almost. you can restore the same way

    PAYLOADS included:
    • Hermes v4b+355 FW3.41
    • CE-X FW3.41
    • Hermes FW3.41
    • Hermes v4b + psn + 3.50 FW3.41
    • PL3 FW2.76
    • PL3 FW3.01
    • PL3 FW3.10
    • PL3 FW3.15
    • PL3 FW3.41

    *IMPORTANT* for downgrading you will need the 3.41 modified pup, lv2diag.self file 1 and lv2diag.self file 2. these are needed once you obtain service mode.

    Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=14C2342D
    Instructions: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...75&postcount=1

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks zeromx and +Rep for the upload!

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