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  1. #201
    zubees Guest

    i have downloaded PS3speedToolV15, when i lunch this application, windows xp unable to launch it, it says "application configration are incorrect, reinstall"

    i'm using a clone ps3break v1.0

    i desperately want to upgrade this device.


  2. #202
    daGraveR Guest
    You're probably missing either the .NET framework or Visual Studio Runtime:



  3. #203
    sniperwolf64 Guest
    Hi, i have an atmel atmega16a au-1027 dongle. I got ps3 speed tool v15 that darkchaos posted earlier and Got the IDs for my dongle as follows:

    VendorID: 0xC0DE
    ProductID: 0xAAAA

    Can anyone put a link to the right psgrade hex file that i need to flash my dongle to downgrade?


  4. #204
    peshellas Guest

    x3Downgrader for PS3 is Released at Last!

    "I have a secret to tell you" OH X3 ADB. It is the image that you can see from yesterday on the official site of the X3 team, accompanied by this cryptic message, but after the team brings a real sense of who finds the solution.

    Attached to this news file X3max for the downgrade, which would seem to be part of this riddle. In terms of concrete, the binary downgrade your PS3 firmware 3.50 to 3.41 although it is present and available for download while allowing you to keep reading the Blu-Ray. With a little luck we will manage to decipher this puzzle, because we at LS, we have not yet found!

    Source: logic-sunrise.com/news-191798-x3max-un-casse-tete-pour-la-release-du-downgrade.html


  5. #205
    BwE Guest
    Like the E3 update I doubt this will FIX your bluray but im sure it might help prevent the issue.

  6. #206
    Mantagtj Guest
    the binary downgrade your PS3 firmware 3.50 to 3.41 although it is present and available for download while allowing you to keep reading the Blu-Ray.
    it says it doesn't kill the blu-ray on downgrade... feedback would be appreciated all you x3ers!

  7. #207
    darkchaos Guest
    I am actually trying to release a new personalised uploader. I have got the downgrader files from a Chinese Reseller of psjailbreak. But he just gave me an exe. file which is associated with HIS jailbreak`s PID and VID.

    I will try to retrieve the Downgrade hex and upload it asap or upload a modified uploader for you.

    P.S: sry for late reply.

  8. #208
    zubees Guest
    thx for helping, i already have .net framework 3.5. i installed visual studio from the link u provided me. but all is invain
    still unable to run ps3speed tool...

    i got amazebreak from a friend, it has a upgrade button on it and successfully upgraded it, but now when i plug into ps3 and switch on the console as per required order (i.e. dongle pluged in--> switch on power -->press power button, following by press eject button). it doesn't give me any message of invalid usb but red led remains on.

    when i check system infor it shows fs 3.55 but i'm unable to play games... same old black screen please help.

    is dongle is still in recovery/dfu mode? how can i come out of it?

  9. #209
    peshellas Guest
    UPDATE: I successfully downgraded my launch non bc 40gb fat from 3.41 to 3.41 moded and then to 3.15 blu ray worked after i updated back to 3.41 and blu ray worked too.

    My users and data were not deleted even the managers but my psn username password on every user erased as if i never set up a psn account and because i cant connect to psn i will now restore the back-up i did and see if that fixes everything cause some save games require specific owner id which is different if you get on psn and if you dont. Those that never made an account i think have the same id until they connect. After i put my backup restored i will update again.And then i will do the same to my slim 3.50.

    UPDATE 2: After restoring my backup even my accounts and id were restored to normal so downgrading with x3max is perfectly safe does not break bluray but no matter what make a backup for everuthing you want to stay on the system cause when you restore your backup even though everything apart your psn accounts and id which i consider important cause if you cant connect to psn you cant get it back and it is mandatory for some savegames and probably other things i am not aware that require it so back up go to the version you want and then restore backup and you are set to go.

    Hope i helped i need to get some sleep now and i will update the post if i see something wrong with my slim which i doubt.

    P.S. the x3downgrade firmware is 50k of code making it the biggest in size downgrader maybe just for encryption or maybe for features not yet announced for service mode.

    UPDATE 3: Fully working on my slim from 3.5 to 3.41 moded and then 3.21 and updated to original 3.41 bluray works on my 2nd console too so dont be afraid anynore people just DOWNGRADE!!!

  10. #210
    darkchaos Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zubees View Post
    when i check system infor it shows fs 3.55 but i'm unable to play games... same old black screen please help.
    Uhm, hey mate, you CANNOT downgrade from a fw 3.55 PS3. Sony added a security patch to the 3.55 firmware. Lol. Your stuck on 3.55 mate. Maybe later, you'll be able to downgrade.

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