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    barbnjason Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Kong23 View Post
    Finished downgrading my PS3 using my PS3 break V1.2, the only problem is that everything on my PS3 was wiped off. I stupidly did not back up anything and now everything is gone, have I done it wrong?

    I followed the instructions exactly and am now running 3.41 however I no longer have anything on my PS3. If this was supposed to happen why wasn't it mentioned in the instructions? And is there anyway possible to recover my files, profiles etc (i doubt it)
    There are two gambles with the downgrade right now, you could lose all your content and you can lose your ability to play Blu-Ray Movies.

    The HDD format tends to happen more to slims and the Blu-Ray play back is spread across the gambit no one has pin-pointed the exact reason.

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    Kong23 Guest
    Thanks for the reply, i wish i knew this before downgrading.

    If my game playback is fine will blu-ray movies work too, or do i need to try out a Blu Ray DVD.

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    darkchaos Guest

    please help me out- downgrade

    Hi mates,

    Could someone please help me out of this. I am currently trying to downgrade my ps3 using the program attached. It is currently programmed to work with jailbreak devices with VID_16C0 and PID_55AB.

    I would like it to detect my jailbreak device,, on VID_413C and PID_8162.

    Please modify the file for me, kuz am a bit noobie at it and then upload it. Thanks in advance.

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    djhazardous Guest
    Is there any way right now/or likely to be a way to downgrade 3.50 firmware without formatting your HDD?

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    FMAranda Guest
    Yes, but only with fat ps3 models, but, if you downgrade to a fw lower than 3.0 your system will be formatted.

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    djhazardous Guest
    Damn, hope they find out how to do it on slim ps3 models without it formatting one day.

    I just want to upgrade to 3.50 to play GT5, but I'll be damned if I'm going to have to backup everything on the internal HDD for the privellege.

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    flashpc Guest
    To anyone who made have a problem with blu-rays here is the list of tasks I used to fix it with many thanks to everyone's input...


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    red8316 Guest
    Successfully downgraded from 3.50 to 3.41 on my 40GB CECHH01 (NTSC FAT). Used the TI-84 method. Blu-ray works just fine. Playback was successful using the Welcome Blu-ray that came with console. Hard drive was formatted during the downgrade process though. Restoring a backup now.

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    sniperwolf64 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by darkchaos View Post
    I`ve been able to update several Atmega32... and atmega16 with PS3Speed Upgrade Tool(attached).

    1-Download it, and open. (There`s a special dialog box, for Vendor ID and Product ID). Don`t modify anything.

    2-Open upgrader (attached), install the setup, until you see a 2nd window''libusb-win32 Inf-Wizard''.
    If your jailbreak device is plugged, you`ll be able to note down the IDs.
    3-Open the Ps3 Speed Upgrade tool, and replace the IDs.
    4-Click ''Find PS3 Speed''. -It should detect it.
    5-Click'' Open hex. file'', choose any psgroove or psgrade (to downgrade).
    6-Click ''Reboot avr''
    7-And finally click '' flash ps3 speed''. It should be successful.
    Hi darkchaos i have an atmel atmega 16a au-1027 dongle that i got from psjailbreaker. Is it possible to use this ps3speed updater to program my dongle to downgrade, also in case its possible can you put a link to the hex file i need for psgrade because i'm confused on what hex file should i use in step 5 in your tutorial.


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    BwE Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by FMAranda View Post
    Yes, but only with fat ps3 models, but, if you downgrade to a fw lower than 3.0 your system will be formatted.
    negative. phats are free from formatting no matter what the firmware.

    you can also install your firmware on two drives and they will both run which is strange

    so if you're scared you can do that ^

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