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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Is there a solution to the BD playback problems? While downgraded..

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    MannyMania Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by barbnjason View Post
    Use the fixed one the other one has issues with hdd upgades.
    Can you post this? I'm going to upgrade from 3.15 to 3.41 for better game compatability. Bye Bye other os for now... At least I can downgrade if I want to run my ubuntu.


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    tonyqc Guest
    You used an official pup you need to use the modified pup, this question was already answered.

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    FJAM Guest
    I used the Modified 3.41 PUP ->PS3UPDAT.PUP that came in DGF.rar (created 11 Nov 2010).

    My PS3 is PAL not US, but I think that isn't the problem...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    I removed the BS posts... the DGF.rar link is in the first post, that is the first one that was leaked and is the correct one all sites and cloners use. There is no reason to post any others, people doing so will get -Rep'd and then banned.

  6. #136
    fldash Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sorg View Post
    well, i've copied whole folders dev_flash, dev_flash2, dev_flash3 to PC from downgraded PS3 with broken BD playback (FW 3.41) and another my PS3 which never been downgraded (FW 3.41). Compared both sets of all files using CRC (examdiff Pro). There are differences only in 3 files: xRegistry.sys, DRL1, DRL2. I've replaced these files on downgraded PS3 with files from other PS3 and it didn't help.

    I'm sure there is something has been written to BD firmware while update and thus messing with PS3 flash files is just useless.
    BD firmware is overwritten while update according to log file and there is some region code writting is present in logs on those PS3 with broken BD playback after downgrade.

    Unless somebody will dig into BD firmware to patch it (and would be good to make it region-free) we won't fix BD playback!
    This needs to be seen and added to the first post...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Well right now that seems like just trial and error with some speculation for the most part, but if it leads somewhere further then sure we can add it to the first post.

    Also, from shuffle2 on IRC, attached is the rockbox_ipodvideo5g_jig_auth.

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    silencephaze Guest


    IS it worth downgrading yet.. or can i jailbreak my ps3 on 3.50 like i read in the news.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by silencephaze View Post
    IS it worth downgrading yet.. or can i jailbreak my ps3 on 3.50 like i read in the news.
    The 3.5 JailBreak topic is actually being discussed here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...ak-115903.html

    As it's just speculation right now, I really would like to keep it separate from our ongoing PS3 Downgrading discussion here.

    Also below is the PIC18F PS3 Downgrade hex code.

  10. #140
    cackalack Guest
    still no news on anyone downgrading with ps3break v1.2 ? I've posted in help and support about it, I've tried with 2 different dongles with no luck, desperate to know if someone has had success with it, seems funny how ps3break team released hex for v1.0, with delays for v1.1 and V1.2 obviously there's some issues with it.

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