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Thread: PSGrade - PS3 Downgrading, Master Key and Hex Codes Arrive!

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    hunterrr Guest
    I haven't really read up on this, but for the people that CANT play BD movies, is it not possible to just install the retail firmware AFTER downgrading to get BD support back?

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    Bulldogzz Guest
    Is it possible that some ps3's are getting there regions changed or nulled thus causing a bd playback issue? like what happens if you try to play a EUR region BD on a US console.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Can't we just flash back to 3.15 to keep the Blu-Ray playback and hence jailbreak ability to go with it? That was my understanding anyhow.

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    I could use a phat CECH-E01 clean Dev_flash0, dev_flash2, dev_flash3 from a Player that still plays Blu. Iwant to try replacing files from another console to eliminate that as a possibility. If sombody can compile a small .self file that rewrites the correct region code and regestry to correct values that are listed in the upgrade text, I will give it a shot. And that would fix most things as i believe we finally have found our ghost in the machine. I suppose I'll have to beg "hermes" to help if no one else can.

    And "Sorg" My update log said the same thing which leads me to believe region codes are set at a software level and again at hardware level so they may conflict with one another if they differ at all. And "darkchaos" I am glad you found The atmel flip drivers.

    I don't think region "A" Blu rays play anymore cause "move_2block_status_into_the_region(): region id = 3" changed it from default!. We are on the right track.

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    neoxxx Guest
    On Logic Sunrise there seems to be another fix for the bluray playback issue after downgrade.

    Movie playback Blu-ray after a downgrade

    As we learned recently, movie playback Blu-ray after having downgraded its PS3 is impossible, this is the firmware 3.41 must have changed. In fact it contains a bug that the developers trying to correct.

    To avoid this, the method is simple, downgraded your console firmware 2.10 or below, the procedure is the same except that the 2.10 firmware does not change so official. After that you just install via the XMB firmware 3.41 unmodified retail you can easily find on the Internet, as well as for 2.10.

    Do not take a firmware above 2.10 because you squeeze forced to change the HDD temporarily (to be upgraded in laps3 3.41) because the console hangs when retrieving data.

    This test was performed on a 60GB model so for those who want to try on a different model than it is at your own risk.

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    flashpc Guest
    I think this might be the issue, can anyone confirm whether the modified pup file was region specific.

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    hawk188 Guest
    Hi all - my 2 cents worth about Bluray movie playback.

    I bought a blu ray reader for about $165 for my pc and ripped all BR movies using DVDFab, use tsMux to then split the files into 4gb chunks,convert to AVCHD to external 2TB HDD and then playh with multiman.(Thanks Deanrr) The only time I use my BD Drive is to backup my games. That way, my Blu ray laser shuold last lon ger than normal? The process sounds tedious but it's not. Easy as...

    Might not be worthwhile for some but thought I'd share anyway. I can write in details if anyone keen?


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    clitilum Guest

    what can i do?

    does anyone know why the original psjailbreak is the one that will not spooff your playstation. i have it and the only new game that works on it is black opps but i cant get assasins creed or star wars forced unleashed2 to work on it at all.

    and what i was reading when i bought it is that the one i got would be updatable and now it is not and the cheap one is can any one tell me what i can do about this problem.

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    flashpc Guest


    If this is a region issue, I don't suppose anyone has tried a region free Blu-ray have they??

    There are a few out there, I know Fringe season 2 on Blu-ray works, I bought it in the states and it plays on my PAL PS3

    I had exactly the same problem, sounds like you have a cheap knockoff, if you bought it from a distributor then send it back, if not then chalk it up to experience and go through a registered distributor as shown on the manufacturers website, I ended up with a PS3Break and so far I haven't had any problems loading scene working games.

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    Michigan Guest
    someone help doing this with x3max?

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