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  1. #101
    Takavach Guest

    Lightbulb Tutorial for repair blu ray movie after Downgrading

    Hello to everyone.

    i don't Test it yet because i don't downgrade any ps3 yet but it must work on any ps3 (ps3 20 and 60 don't work). after you downgrade your ps3 you must remove your hard drive and format it with pc and then back it into your ps3 after this work your ps3 want to reformat your hdd and ps3 want update 3.41 or higher , then it's simple you must put it ps3 update 3.41 (sony update) into your usb and update it again to 3.41 and then it's finish your ps3 have playback for blu ray movie.

  2. #102
    BwE Guest
    well i've confirmed restoring a previous and undowngraded dev_flash2/3 does not work for me.

    even if it's my own ...

    looks like i have to format?

  3. #103
    racer0018 Guest
    Just to ask, could you downgrade to 3.15 and then upgrade to 3.41 and maybe will the blu-ray player work then? thanks

  4. #104
    Luckluka Guest
    I have just found out something. I remember sk group saying something about not being able to downgrade below 2.46 or something

    But, i found something out! You CAN if your fw supports it! I have been able to downgrade my 20GB Launch Console to FW1.10!

    I haven't been able to downgrade my friends slim to 1.10, maximum I reached was 2.76

    I also have a FAT PS3 which came with 2.26, I was able to downgrade it to 1.51 but it was buggy (BETA Code I guess)

    So, if we can make up a list like this, it would be awesome!

  5. #105
    semitope Guest
    Still haven't a good idea of what this master key business is good for. I see 2 master keys there also.

  6. #106
    BwE Guest
    I worked out it depends on the console's first firmware. Very strange that it just corrupts if you try and go lower
    Quote Originally Posted by racer0018 View Post
    Just to ask, could you downgrade to 3.15 and then upgrade to 3.41 and maybe will the blu-ray player work then? thanks
    nope. not a chance. i've tried about 15 pal dev_flash3's none of which have worked.

    i luckily found a backup of my original xregistry - that didn't help. i'm totally and completely out of the bluray scene lol.

    if anybody needs me for testing i'm keen.

  7. #107
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    If you need some specific files from a working slim or fat, feel free to ask me, happy engineering.

  8. #108
    BwE Guest
    nope - fail no matter what i try. with or without dev_flash3 etc

    i give up :S

    i've been doing this for around... 6 hours?

  9. #109
    hunterrr Guest
    It's a bummer when your PS3's RIGHT USB Port DOES NOT WORK!

    Anyways here's the updated downgrader for the TI-84. Huge thanks to Brandon Wilson!

  10. #110
    sorg Guest
    i've discovered that update logs with boken BD playback different from more lucky people who still can play BD.

    Following lines in update log for non-working BD playback are present:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    So, logs from people who still can play BD have no these lines.

    Can everybody (who still have this log file) check these lines in their logs and tell:
    1) Does BD movie playback works after downgrade?
    2) Are these lines present in log?


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