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  1. #11
    sooty99 Guest
    again confirming working flawlessly.. just playing gt5 now with it followed guide to the letter and zero problems.

  2. #12
    barrybarryk Guest
    might be a silly question but how does this help you play gt5? does it jb a 3.50 console?

    I thought this was just for downgrading FROM 3.50?

  3. #13
    Warrorar Guest
    very nice, i will test it on the ps3 of a friend =D

    lets see if we get one step closer to a real non sony ps3 :-D


  4. #14
    ben2005 Guest
    Anyone used this on a slim model yet? I remember a few people stating that this would result in loss of data on the hdd of slims. (Due to the fat having a bigger NAND)

    +1 on the rockbox port

    Hey sooty99, when you say "just playing gt5 now with it", do you mean before you downgraded from 3.50?
    Could you elaborate please :-) lol


  5. #15
    isamu Guest
    I'm pretty sure, that's what he meant, He upgraded to 3.50, played GT5 and then downgraded back to 3.41

  6. #16
    THCIV Guest
    Please keep in mind older units like the 60gb with full size nand, your hard drive light will NOT blink but it is still installing this scared the crap out of me.

  7. #17
    Fr33m4n Guest
    Now that we have the key it's only a matter of time before this gets pushed to all boards Very nice.

  8. #18
    Fusseltuch Guest
    Is it possible to get the (decrypted?) eboot.bin of GT5 uploaded somewhere ?

  9. #19
    acemang Guest
    Does it work with XPLAIN board usb1287?

  10. #20
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    It's not possible to compile that *.hex's with the current payload. So we have to wait.

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