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    Apr 2005

    PSFreedom / PSGroove PS JailBreak Exploit Ports in Development

    A few days ago we reported on news of an OpenPSJailBreak PSP port, and now several more PSFreedom / PSGroove PS JailBreak PS3 exploit ports are in development.

    Current POC / WIP ports for the PSFreedom / PSGroove PS JailBreak exploit include a PSP port and SixAxis/DualShock 3 port from Spanish site Elotrolado and also a Dingoo A320 one for those with Dingux Firmware from Waninkoko is available below.

    Downloads: PSP Port POC/WIP / PSP Port POC/WIP #2 / cPSJailBk N900 Mod / PSPIC2 / PSFreedom Dingo / PSFreedom for Dingoo v1.1 / PSFreedom for Dingoo v1.2 / PSFreedom for Dingoo v1.3 / PSFreedom for Dingoo v1.4

    From the ReadMe file:


    1. Place the zImage file in your mini-SD card (important: choose the one that works with your LCD screen!!).
    2. Run Dingux and wait for the kernel to boot completely.
    3. Now your Dingoo behaves like the PSJailbreak device!!


    The patch for the kernel is included in the "kernel-patch" folder. The patch has been created to be applied on the top of the opendingux 2.6.35 kernel tree.

    PSGroove reports that the first PSP POC/WIP linked above requires a 5.00 M33 CFW PSP and the 1.50 kernel addon.

    R3CK reports that the second PSP POC/WIP linked above doesn't need the 1.50 kernel and runs on his Gen-D3 fat PSP.

    Although neither PSP POC/WIP actually does anything yet to your PlayStation 3 as they simply act as a USB hub that will be used to transmit the PS3 exploit, below are the instructions for those who wish to check them out.

    POC Instructions:
    - Go into usb mode.
    - Extract the rar file and move "pspgroove" to GAME5.XX folder on your memory stick.
    - Disable any plugins you might have enabled.
    - Run PSPgroove it should run without any errors.

    Rough translation notes on the SixAxis/DualShock 3 port in development are as follows for those curious:

    The SixAxis control has a memory EEPROM its programming allows. The name of the Micro ones is:
    - TOSHIBA 15UM3EFG-001
    - JAPAN0703EG1
    - F0194ZA

    ElSemi shared PSPIC2 (linked above) which is a port of PSGroove hub emulation to the Microchip PIC18 (PIC18F2550, etc) family with USB, hackmich provided a 12 Mhz hex code and Nanaki666 compiled the hexcode for the PIC18F2550 and HERE for all crystals (20, 16, 12, 8, 4).

    PSGrooPIC is also released (hexcodes HERE and HERE) along with a schematic and component list, as follows:

    - 1x PIC 18F2550 Microcontroller
    - 1x Xtal 8Mhz
    - 2x 22pf capacitors
    - 1x 470nF capacitor
    - 1x 100nF capacitor
    - 2x 330Ohm resistors
    - 1x 10KOhm resistor
    - 1x 1N4148 diode
    - 1x Bicolor led
    - 1x USB Connector Type A
    - 1x Push button (in case you want reset/bootloader function)
    - Vertical pins for ICSP (in case you use a programmer like pickit2)
    - 1x Protoboard!

    He recommends an ART2003 programmer or a Pickit 2 (commercial and cheaper). Download and install WinPIC800 if you have an ART2003 or any other serial/parallel programmer... or install MPlab IDE if you have a Pickit2. What you need now is to compile SRC to generate .hex (CCS compiler V4.112 or newer required)... or just download this... (extra features enabled ;) 4Bytes changed thing...)

    letsmod at PSX-Scene has also pointed out the Maximus AVR USB Dev 1.0 is a low-cost demonstration board based on the AT90USB 16kb microcontroller.

    It allows the quick evaluation of AVR microcontrollers and the AT90USB family. The key simply plugs into the USB port of a personal computer. Designers can either run demonstration programs or their own application.

    It is made in USA and shipping to resellers on Sep 13, 2010 for $39 USD and the PSGroove MaximusAVRUSB hex code is also available.

    Below are a few PSP port development POC/WIP videos courtesy of Deswribilator and TheWisemensComitee.

    Finally, musclenerd is porting the PS Groove PS3 exploit to the iphone, a video is below.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    chrykel Guest
    A ps3 controler solution? Heck yeah! Can't wait to see that work!

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    didder Guest
    All this and still no real psp solution yet. Anonying as teensy won't be here for two weeks.

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    Jelf Guest
    Just to add to this, musclenerd (who is on the iphone dev team which gave us the iphone jailbreak) is porting it to the iphone

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Jelf View Post
    Just to add to this, musclenerd (who is on the iphone dev team which gave us the iphone jailbreak) is porting it to the iphone
    I added this to the first post now with the video- Thanks Jelf and +Rep!

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    thereturn Guest

    Psp development has been slow it seems.

    Really expected something to come out a lot faster as opened up as the psp is. I have gotten further than these POCs with my psp already, and my wife will only let me work on it for like an hour a day. I don't have a lot of experience coding for the psp, but I'm a linux developer by trade, and linux runs on the psp, and source of the exploit was released. So I should have it finished up soon. Just have to work out a little weirdness with the usb otg driver.

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    garretts228 Guest
    Man I hope my black cat gets here before they release a port for the psp

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    IHM Guest
    I weed with excitement..

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    tjay17 Guest


    The more devices it runs on the better.

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    lohr Guest
    Seriously, a team is working on getting the hex onto a ps3 controller? I find that very interesting, if possible. I've got 4 ps3 controllers, wouldn't mind sacrificing one I don't think.

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