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  1. #21
    hackmich Guest
    here is a Hex file for 12 Mhz

  2. #22
    Nanaki666 Guest
    Here's the hex files for all crystals (20, 16, 12, 8, 4)

  3. #23
    Nanaki666 Guest
    Ok guys I need your help. I've just backup 2 games and when I load them in the backup manager, the xmb show (and start) the game that is loaded in the drive.

    I've check 3 times that my descriptor.h is patched, use one that is already patched on the web, an recompiled many times.

    Can someone help me ?

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    MidniteAssassin Guest
    I was going to wait for a clone but... If I could use the PS3 controller for this, than that would be my number one choice for a PSJB clone. Not only would it be awesome, but it would look awesome as well.

    "Just an ordinary PS3 with a controller plugged in.. oh wait.. What's this?!"

    I'm definitely going to wait for more news on the SixAxis port before doing anything. That would be the most epic port IMO for both convenience and style.

  5. #25
    j0hnny Guest


    so these psp thingys work on the psp but they don't jailbreak the ps3, am i right?

  6. #26
    spark32 Guest
    I wouldn't trust the people in my house if I used it as a controller. They'd pickup the controller and unplug it from the USB and try to play with it.

  7. #27
    smarty94 Guest
    Coming to the ti-84 soon too: http://twitter.com/brandonlwilson

    Looks like PSGroove CAN be ported to the TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition, to run the exploit from it. Forget sleep, I'm on this till I collapse.

  8. #28
    caesarc Guest

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I just built the board and will test in a few moments. Just don't have CCS at hand to build it myself.

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    j0hnny Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by j0hnny View Post
    so these psp thingys work on the psp but they don't jailbreak the ps3, am i right?
    ok tested both releases on my ntsc-j 60gig ps3 fat on fw 3.15... both make my playstation crash after the xmb shows up... maybe its becauce i'm on 3.15... is there a safe 3.41 over here? because i've heard that sony released a patched one over the psn..

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    iimorpheus Guest
    will this work with the 18f2455, or be recompiled for that? i've got a diy xbox nand flasher here that uses it..

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