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    invalidcookie Guest


    Anything you guys can do with my useless Blackberry Storm 2 lol ?

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    Apr 2005


    Another update to the first post with PSFreedom Dingoo v1.3 by Waninkoko with the changes below:


    - PSFreedom updated to latest version.
    - Payloads updated.
    - Added support for other firmware versions.
    Version 1.4 is also now available: http://www.teknoconsolas.es/blog/wan...dom-dingoo-v14

    - Payloads updated.
    - Added patch to fix problems with pads and savegames, only for fw 3.41 (thanks to Hermes).
    - Added support to install demo packages through the "Install package files" menu.

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    JifDaKiwi Guest
    I've read that there is a port for Mameo (spelling?) based phones, which is awesome (except for us still with the terrible old Symbian based phones :-) ). Is there any word on a Symbian port? Or even better, a J2ME port, then it would be hugely compatible across most phones... Of course, Im just making this up as I go along - I know nothing of Symbian programming, Mobile JAVA, or any of its limitations, and I'm really still waiting on Musclenerd's port for my IPT2G unless something else I can use turns up :-)

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