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  1. #91
    bluerein Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Gendor23 View Post
    NDS Doesn't have any way to plug into a ps3.
    What about a TOMTOM ??

  2. #92
    ramx2 Guest
    Anyone compiled (4,8,12,16,20 mhz) hex file for the PIC18F2550 with PSGroove 1.1?

  3. #93
    bluerein Guest
    Just jailbroke mine using a HTC diamond ...

    if anyone's got a diamond: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=774517

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    joffe Guest

    Confirm PIC18F4550 working

    Works like a charm on 40GB with defective bd-laser, so I could test PS3-FTP for now (thx CJPC) - looking forward to the replacement laser to test the backup manager.

    I have attached the PIC all-mhz hexfiles with corrected checksums and the schematic (use 18F4550 pins by the same pin-name not pin-number of course).

    BTW crawling a bit in the whole FTP-download have fun to inspect the end of the dev_flash/data/dic/Zi8Dat*.z8d files - uhhh, and don't miss dev_flash/vsh/resource/explore/icon/widget.png (this might be interesting for apple? http://www.apple.com/de/downloads/dashboard/).

  5. #95
    rockjet Guest
    Check this out. Claims to have iPhone port. I suspect it is not legit though, but I did not try it to confirm.

  6. #96
    flow2006 Guest
    can someone compile it for a pic18f2553 with 24 mhz? or tell me how i do it myself?

    i dont have so much knowledge on these things.

  7. #97
    joffe Guest
    I'll start ASAP to get the psgroove compiled under MPLAB/C18, but meanwhile you can easily modify one hexfile to work on 4,8,16,20,24,40 and 48MHz:

    grab the archive here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=21275

    and extract 8MHz version only, you can import that into MPLAB and then set in menu-> "Configure" > "Configration Bits" the attached xtal in the first entry (address 300000) dropdown menu.

    You can also open the 8 MHz.hex file with a texteditor and change line 886 to look accordingly for:

    4MHz --> :0E00000020CE381E008781000FC00FE00F4099
    8MHz --> :0E00000021CE381E008781000FC00FE00F4098
    12MHz -> :0E00000022CE381E008781000FC00FE00F4097
    16MHz -> :0E00000023CE381E008781000FC00FE00F4096
    20MHz -> :0E00000024CE381E008781000FC00FE00F4095
    24MHz -> :0E00000025CE381E008781000FC00FE00F4094
    40MHz -> :0E00000026CE381E008781000FC00FE00F4093
    48MHz -> :0E00000027CE381E008781000FC00FE00F4092

    then save and burn it.

  8. #98
    flow2006 Guest
    thanks! ..is that the hex which allows me to run bakups?

  9. #99
    Gendor23 Guest
    So what's going on with the PSP/iPhone ports? Haven't heard anything in a few days.

  10. #100
    xer0 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Gendor23 View Post
    So what's going on with the PSP/iPhone ports? Haven't heard anything in a few days.
    iOS 4.1 came out an MuscleNerd got distracted with that.

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