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    Apr 2005

    PSFreedom / PSGroove Ported to Apple's iPhone and iPod!

    With all of the recent PSFreedom / PSGroove ports, it's no surprise that it has now been ported to Apple's iPhone!

    Download: PSFreedom for Apple iPhone and iPod v0.1 / PSFreedom for Apple iPhone 2G and 3G / 2G Precompiled / 3G Precompiled

    To quote from PSGroove: A person known as NTAuthority has successfully ported psfreedom to the Iphone here. Currently it does not feature backup manager support, and currently can not be patched in.

    However, NTAuthority is investigating this issue and working on a fix. He is referring to this release as a preview (beta) release, so if you are an enduser you may want to hold off until the code is a bit more final.

    For those planning on testing it, it will work on the iPhone 2G/3G and iPod touch 1G and needs OpeniBoot installed. Download link and a full quote from the readme below:

    Just a small testing release of PSFreedom for iPhoneLinux.

    A precompiled kernel/initrd is in the iPT1G folder, the USB kernel patch is in the PSFreedom/iphone folder. It should be applied to kernel_common from the iDroid-Project user on github as detailed on the idroidproject.org web site.

    The android.img.gz is the initrd plus a testing boot script, the .ko should go in /lib in it.

    To build PSF, use 'make clean && make iphone' from the PSFreedom folder as usual.

    At the time, Backup Manager isn't working (and no, it's not due to the /dev_bdvd patch), but I'm working on fixing that.

    Don't expect too many support, as this is just an 'early' preview.

    Booting the initrd will work by using the 'Android' menu option in OpeniBoot. Once the screen starts filling up with 'INIT' you can do the starting as usual with 'jailbreak' devices. Note that the iPhone should be the only device plugged in the PS3?s USB ports.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SovietSlayer Guest
    Ugh, WTF we need new bootrom options.

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    xplozion Guest
    You always have to start somewhere right??

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    McMini Guest
    FINALLY OMFG, i have been waiting for this sooo long

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    sammaz Guest
    i am working on an apple II port ...dust off your floppy drives.

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    FlamesterChris Guest
    wtf i hav been waiting for this and it doesnt work on 2g ipod touch plz someone tell me it does asap.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sammaz View Post
    i am working on an apple II port ...dust off your floppy drives
    I'm currently working on an Easy-Bake Oven port... you'll be able to jailbreak your PS3 with a child's cooking toy, but not a PSP!

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    sixlef Guest
    it is TIME

    Now realy start. $ony lose.

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    thankyou Guest
    WoW! That's great! Finally someone made it to iPhone!

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    effbee Guest
    Great, a hack of the Droid version and it doesn't work on 3Gs+. Still waiting for MuscleNerd's port.

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