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    Nov 2009
    Do you already have the openiboot.img3 for a 3G with iOS4.01? For some reason the 3G version I have refuses to be installed. It worked fine in 3.1.2.

    I use Windows 7 not Linux.

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    Didn't the iPhone dev team recently find a new bootrom exploit? i read about it a couple days ago, its like the 24K exploit. Its one of those exploits that is "unpatchable" via iOS firmware update. It would require apple to release new iDevices with another new bootrom. Im pretty sure this exploit works on all current iOS device, meaning it would work on iPhone 4 and iPad. seems to me it wont take long for openIboot & iDroid to be ported to all current iOS devices.

    I might be wrong about some of this but it never takes long for someone smarter than me to come along and show off how much smarter they are or think they are. Just remember, "no mater how smart you are or think you are... there is always someone smarter!"

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    omg. ipod2g not supported?

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    Fantastic, can't wait for all the newbs at work to ask me to set this up for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkdroid View Post
    Fantastic, can't wait for all the newbs at work to ask me to set this up for them.
    don't waste your time with this, currently it does not feature backup manager support, and currently can not be patched in.

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    Hey Ipod 2g owners what about this?

    think we could get it to work on that?

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    When is someone going to release it for Symbian Phones

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    Guys do we need a Linux OS on our machine to install this? if we do I am out of luck as I don't have Linux!

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    That's all you need to install Android/Linux/This hack on the iPhone 2G/3G:

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    Oh wow, i was so excited when i read the title, how disappointed am i now...

    Still, keep up the good work...

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