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    Quote Originally Posted by ramx2 View Post
    Google is your friend man
    For installing this port? I couldn't find anything step by step.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coobot View Post
    For installing this port? I couldn't find anything step by step.
    I would've gladly made one. But i have a 3Gs

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    Hello! So i'm really eager to do this but unfortunately i have the Ipod Touch 2g. Is there any way this is going to be able to work on it anytime soon or is there a way to work around it? I hope we get some news soon!

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    I also have the Ipod touch 2G. I do not expect this jailbreak to work anytime soon as the IOpenBoot and the IDroid (both are software used to simulate the droid) are not compatible with it. This software would have to be updated for the 2G and other phones. The exploit uses these programs so without the update this exploit wont do anything for us. Wait for an exploit that doesnt use the Droid simulation software.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HaD3z View Post
    Yesterday YLOD, today new slim yes. Plus I have the IPhone 3G sweet. But here are my questions. Do you have to boot all the way into droid, or is everything initiated during the Openiboot (Linux) booting sequence? With that said, I previously had iDroid on my iphone and damn it sucks the h3ll out of your battery. Will the phone charge while connected to the PS3?
    Surely it will last on battery for those few seconds when the JB hack is being initiated on your PS3? And yes - it should charge as from any other USB port.

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    I'm still waiting for someone to compile it as it errors when I try.

    I'm restoring my 2G iPhone to try again. having problems installing openiboot atm.

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    iPhone 4 support would be ideal! PLZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montezumaa View Post
    Read some updated news. All current iPhones are now capable of bootrom hacking. Apple is going to have to update the hardware on all future iPhone(i.e., those phone that do not currently exist).
    yes, i know. the 3gs old bootrom has had a bootrom hack for a while. just because a phone has a bootrom security hole doesn't mean the hole is early enough in the code to alter the boot path before the bootloader happens. the problem is the current holes that the iphone devs are using, the new one included, is too late, it comes in after the bootloader has started to load iOS, whereas the 2g/3g have a bug that happens before the shinny led apple that pops up on your screen.

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    Where do I get Openiboot from? Cydia search. Help please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by makots View Post
    Where do I get Openiboot from? Cydia search. Help please.
    Try here:

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