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    spark32 Guest
    I got GHWOR to boot without a disk from app/game using an iPod Video.

    I just used the Hermes Payload v1, and the newest version of Open Manager. I load my games from the internal HDD, and my internal folder is the GAMEZ folder inside LAUN12345.

    Hope this helps.

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    xmod Guest
    Hi everyone,

    is it possible to do it with Iphone and the new psgroove for 3.15 firm or do we have to wait for a port?


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    efk0nas Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dirtydubbs View Post
    To those who at least got some games to boot without a disk, what did you do? Several of us are getting an error when trying to launch from app home/PS3 game.
    Hermes patch didn't let me play games without disk anyway (got error while clicking on the folder in XMB) and I could not run most games (crashed, didn't start at all or got my PS3 unresponsive). Now I've got almost all games working (except Heavy Rain and Assassin's Creed II) by going back to original files and playing with disk!

    Anyway, the most annoying thing in all this is that my PS3 boots in JB mode only 1 time from 10. Usually my phone shows everything like in Youtube guides but my TV just stays blank and PS3 doesn't boot up. Does anybody have same problem?

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    pamekatsika Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JonahUK View Post
    The way I do it (iPhone 3G, iOS4.0.1) is as follows:-

    1. Make sure the PS3 is powered off with no disc in the drive.
    2. Connect my USB lead (not the phone, just the lead) in the FIRST USB port.
    3. Start the exploit and wait for INIT to start to scroll
    4. Plug the phone into the lead
    5. Power on the PS3
    6. Press the on switch followed by the eject switch (should hear 3 beeps)
    7. Wait until the PS3 shows the login screen and remove the phone
    8. Press the PS button on controller.

    First time, everytime with this method. The only difference I have than other users on here is that I installed OpeniBoot the Linux way and didn't use iphodoid.

    AFAIK, iphodoid does not backup your NOR on the phone so if anything goes wrong during installation, you *can* end up with a dead phone or will have to do a DFU restore.

    Hope that helps!
    I tried with a friends n900 and jailbrake worked every time... and with different timing (also had BD emulation ?).After that, i deleted and created new partition on my ps3 cause the partition of yellow dog was hidden in ps3 with firmware 3.41 So i formatted the disk...

    Because i don't own a n900 and i have an iphone 2g with broken screen i tried many times with CLEAN instal IOS 3.1.2 redsnow and iphodroid for some reason everytime something goes wrong with iboot and i cant boot on the ios 3.1.2 only android (that it is not working )

    Whats the procedure that you followed ? you installed separately OpeniBoot and you added the images of iphodroid ?

    Thanks for the info

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    CorleoneTR Guest
    someone can compile hermesv3 for iphone?

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    ssin Guest
    Is there a tutorial for an Iphone 4g or a USB flash to have the openIboot, so I can have my PS3 jailbroken?

  7. #317
    pamekatsika Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ssin View Post
    Is there a tutorial for an Iphone 4g or a USB flash to have the openIboot, so I can have my PS3 jailbroken?
    I am not expert but i have read that Iphone 4g and Iphone 3gs are not capable to jailbrake ps3 because you cannot dual boot or boot android on the device... So there is no way and no tutorial to jailbrake atm with iphone 4g and usb flash.

    Nokia n900 is capable, most of the android devices are...

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    Gerd017 Guest
    I hope there will be a Hermes V3 Port for Ipod Touch 1G.

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    foxy1990 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Gerd017 View Post
    I hope there will be a Hermes V3 Port for Ipod Touch 1G.
    me and lots of other people do as well, no one compiled hermes v2 for ipod touch 1g either and i have broken laser so been a long long wait so far!

    lets hope

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    Karuto Guest
    Is there a way to jailbreak a PS3 on the iPod Nano 3G with Hermes v3? I have yet to jailbreak mine and I am completely clueless as to how to go about doing this.

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