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Thread: PSFreedom / PSGroove Ported to Apple's iPhone and iPod!

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    essegr Guest
    hello everyone. I have an iphone 3g 4.0 jailbroken with redsnow 5b5.4

    I downloaded iphodroid. i installed it. then through ssh i put the files that are the exploit. i have a ps3 slim 3.41.

    i unplug the power cable. Put it back. connect iphone on iboot option. i start adroid menu. and here.

    a) if i press power and eject on INitrd nothing happens runs something on iphone over and over again.
    b) if i press them on INIT starts something as it is on the youtube video but then when is finished an the ps3 menu comes says "Unknown usb device and nothing happens"

    where could be the problem? i restored again to 4.0. did a clean jailbreak again. what shall i do?

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    xxLibertine Guest
    once it freeze when it says something about PSgroove, just unplug and plug your usb iphone fastly. if done correctly you should have the 2 new folders.

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    essegr Guest
    thanks a lot xxLibertine!!!! i see the 2 folders. Now i need to setup back up manager.

    I need to ask. Every time i want to play backups i will do the same things from the beginning? (with open iboot etc...)??

    now if i install backup manager will stay there forever or it will show everytime?

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    xxLibertine Guest
    No, once you've installed Backup Manager, it'll stay, but you can't play any backups.. you've to jailbreak your PS3 again

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    essegr Guest
    i couldn't find my flash drive so i used my iphone as a usb flash.. i install backup manager but as soon as i launch it gives me an error. i believe it is of the iphone. otherwise what it could be?

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    nosidefcp Guest
    is there already a nyway to do this on itouch 2g an 3g?

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    JohnBrown Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by nosidefcp View Post
    is there already a nyway to do this on itouch 2g an 3g?
    This has been covered many times: You CANNOT. This WILL ONLY work on three portable Apple devices: iPhone 2g, iPhone 3g and the iPod Touch 1g. That's it.

    EDIT: Good because this has been covered to death.

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    Temzum Guest
    just tried quick installation on iPhone 2G/3G now iphodroid installation is not continuing.

    Reading: ibot
    Reading: dtre
    Reading: lgo
    Reading recm

    how can i exit this?

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    newgen2005 Guest
    Which iPhone do you have 2G or 3G? Which version of iphodroid are you using?

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    zolt Guest
    Hi, My iPod 1g has a broken lock button. Is there a way to run iBoot and PSFreedom without using the lock button?


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