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Thread: PSFreedom / PSGroove Ported to Apple's iPhone and iPod!

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    DemonSurfer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by calvinguy View Post
    Been trying to install Iphodroid all day long... after hitting shoot the iphone reboots into recovery mode and just stays there, there is no option to install android at bootup screen. No way to exit recovery mode except to restore iphone.

    Using 3.1.2 firmware with redsn0w jailbreak. Extremely frustrating, think i might just end up doing this the hard way with linux.
    Look at your iphodroid installer dude it has an option that says " Exit Recovery Mode "

    You don't need to "restore" your iphone.

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    CorleoneTR Guest
    yes i did it. it works on my 3g and 40gb fat.

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    Wedz Guest
    All good Running iphone 3g iOS 3.1.2 & jailbroken with Redsnow on PS3 slim 120G

    iPhone running iPhodroid 1 shot and replacing android.img.gz and zimage files, installed manager.pkg and FTP server (FTP tested and working)

    Have not backed up any games yet to test.

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    talruum Guest
    Anybody can confirm the last version working?

    - Backup manager only seems to backup, but not run.
    - Backup manager patched to work on TEST (debug) machines work only few OLD games...

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    dasvicky Guest
    Backup manager backed International cricket 2010, Uncharter 2. Runs them fine too. I backed up to the internal HDD.

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    talruum Guest
    Which version your iphone is? What version of PSFreedom are you using?

    Your ps3 is slim or phat? Which version of backup manager? default manager.pkg or the rdx_manager.pkg?

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    dasvicky Guest
    Iphone 3G with 4.0.1 and Ps3 SLim 3.41 with default backup manager.

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    milanofunny Guest
    I have a Iphone 2G with 3.1.2 and jailbreak with redsnow. I did exactly the same way of your instruction, then I come to the step do the shoot with the file iPhoDroid_1shot_R13j_2G. But it didn't work. This file got a lot of error when I try to extract. What can I do now.

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    derry Guest
    trying out red dead redemption. But backup manager closes to XML. Help?

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    ramx2 Guest
    I've been playing with my 2g 3.1.2, jailbroken with Blackra1n ! I installed Iphodroid using windows version, Exploit worked and made some games backup and played it. I used the original backup manager.

    If you're stuck on recovery menu while flashing iphodroid, google for this will kick out your device from recovery menu.

    Hope this will help a bit.

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