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  1. #161
    ahasverus Guest
    Ok, thanks

    I've copied the new bdemu.bin file to /proc/psfreedom/payload/ in my iphone.

    Downloaded the rdx backup manager, I'll take a look tomorrow if this works.

    It's 3 am here and I got to sleep.

  2. #162
    nikox Guest
    Are we meant to add the new payload to the android.bin file in the android.img.gz file? Or replace android.bin with the payload?
    Wiki says to copy to /proc/psfreedom/payload/ however I'm confused as to where that actually is.. hurr

  3. #163
    Kailj Guest
    You have to add it to the contents of the android.img.gz, now android.img.gz is a gun zip file so you have to unzip it then mount the .img file that was in it in terminal then go to the directory find proc and add the files in under the various subfolders. Once that is all done you then have to recompile the .img file and gun zip it again. (All in linux)

    This is not an easy task if you do not know what you are doing, I wouldn't suggest trying. Just wait... whole process will be streamlined within 1-2 weeks and won't have all the bugs etc.

  4. #164
    Vakich Guest
    how about ipod 2/3g ? is it real?

  5. #165
    Kailj Guest

    A Bit Of Clarity

    Just to clear things up. This exploit is CURRENTLY only for:

    iPod Touch 1G
    iPhone 2G
    iPhone 3G


    iPhone 3GS
    iPhone 4
    iPod Touch 2G
    iPod Touch 3G

    This exploit will work on any iphone 4.0.1 or below that has been Jail-broken with either redsn0w or pwnagetool (any tool that uses pwnage style JB) and has Android (anykind) installed on there iphone with openiboot. (for OSX users i recommend iPhoDroid because it is a oneclick solution for android installation on a JB iPhone, windows/linux users will have to do it the hard way)

    To do the exploit your iphone has to be plugged in whilst you start your ps3 when the xmb shows up you can unplug your iphone and will not have to use it until the next time you boot up your ps3. Period.

    This current release will JB your PS3 but the ability to emulate BD rom is not working (cant play backup games). You can still run / install 3rd party unsigned code (FTP & toolkit). This code MAY work on SOME older games with the debug Backup Manager.

    Like it says at Wiki: The experimental payload is still being tested but there are some reports of some older games working, but only with the above rdx_manager.pkg backup manager, and not the original or stealth versions. Whatever the case may be it is still very buggy.

    With the rate of progress made over this weekend, I'd like to assume by monday next week we will have a full functioning solution.

    A little about the exploit: The exploit emulates a USB HUB with 6 different devices on it which rapidly connect and disconnect with different device id's as it goes. This rapid connecting and disconnecting overloads the "HEAP" with code but not really (some code deletes itself) leaving enough room to place a special segment in there which opens a door for the "Payload" which has the code to add to lv2 gameos to tell it that its ok to install packages, other os, BD emulation e.t.c.

    Peace out PS3 community :-)

  6. #166
    edDdy777 Guest
    For some reason I really can't find a downloadlink on iphodroid.com

    Can someone post a downloadlink or tell me where to download it for mac?

    Thx, edDdy777

  7. #167
    Kailj Guest

    iPhoDroid OSX

    iPhoDroid link in attached document (file size was over the limit for Ps3News upload so I found a working MegaUpload link).

    No thanks necessary :-)


  8. #168
    derry Guest
    huge question. My friend has one of the phones which has a completed PSfreedom program. Can I use his phone to jailbreak my PS3 properly, then use my incomplete iphone PSfreedom to start the exploit?

  9. #169
    mklie Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by derry View Post
    huge question. My friend has one of the phones which has a completed PSfreedom program. Can I use his phone to jailbreak my PS3 properly, then use my incomplete iphone PSfreedom to start the exploit?
    no, of course... but good news - kernel for 3g is prooved to working with BM!

    from IPhoneLinux wiki
    Update #4 [13.09.2010]: iphone3g binary above works with backup manager! I think NTAuthority is compiling for iTouch 1G, I don't have a kernel compiled for iPhone2G but you can try the 3G binary on your 2G (I think it should work?)

    download 3g kernel

  10. #170
    dasvicky Guest
    Yeah, its a good news. Its working as expected for Iphone 3G on 4.0.1. I just played a game of uncharted with God of war dsk in the tray.

    I wish I knew how to create another boot option to use Andriod. Wanted to try out android as well..

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