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Thread: PSFreedom Ported to HTC Evo, Hero & Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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    Mihau Guest

    how did you get the PS3 into debug? I also installed the jailbreak ready recovery image, but my PS3 wont start, the TV screen remains black... I pressed Power and Eject, get 3 Beeps but TV is black :-(


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    franco8484 Guest
    1) Does the phone need to be connected the entire time, or just at start-up?

    1a.) If it needs to be connected the entire time, is it functional for sending/receiving calls?


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    TylerDurdenK Guest
    1.) Yes, all the time.

    1a.) No

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    livpool Guest
    it doesnt need to be connected all the time. only the original PSJ and the clones do. with PSGroove, once hacked you can take it out until the next time you reboot your PS3.

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    slayerpsp Guest
    very cool I now have three devices in the house this works on two Palm Pre's one is the wife's and my Htc Evo and its super easy to do on these. Awesome work thank you very much.

    Just at start up. Then you can disconnect your phone use as normal but no wifi flash your phone back to normal if you need your wifi. Tested on Htc Evo.

    You know why no iphone or psp yet they are closed systems. Android is open and so is Palm pre hell palm is linux on your phone its built on it. that's why they work already. Android base is bigger then iphone now so the popular ones are out

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    iPad Guest
    Well I have iPhones (3G, 3Gs and 4) and a PSP, and still waiting...

    Lucky for me, my friend have a X1 and she does not use it any more. Borrowed it and got it working perfectly.

    Some note for someone having difficulty with the instruction:

    1. Run Xandroid 2.2: Your X1 is running Windows mobile. Run Xandroid means you have to install and run Xandroid on your X1. Follow the instruction here:

    Don't download the latest version though. Get the 9th August with working haret one ( Extract and copy the files to "andboot" folder on the root of your sdcard (create one if you don't have one). That's for Xandroid.

    2. Extract the archive and copy to your sdcard: copy the files to BOTH your sdcard's root and the "andboot" folder (replace all if necessary) where you put Xandroid in (I have no luck when putting in either only one location). Otherwise you will get the error: "invalid input format" when running "insmod psfreedom.ko" in step 6.

    3. Run haret.exe with your USB connect to your PC: Remember to put your phone to Active Sync mode before running haret.exe (which will reboot your phone in Android OS). haret.exe is located in the "andboot" folder on the root of your SD card. You should have know this when you install Xandroid 2.2.

    4-7. Follow the instruction and you'll be fine.

    Other note:

    1. Before attempt JB your PS3, remember to disable Internet connection to avoid being banned by Sony.
    2. Your phone doesn't need to connect all the time after you booted the PS3.
    3. For FATPS3: Any USB, SDcard, Mscard will be recorgnized as long as it's FAT32 formatted.

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    TylerDurdenK Guest
    Sorry for the wrong information. So are you saying that after booting the PS3 up with the phone connected, I can then unplug it and switch it back to normal use?

    That's ace!

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    newgen2005 Guest
    I wonder when the iPhone or PSP port will be out? I don't own any of these devices ported. I do have a pocket pc and GP2X and GBA and DS though

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    To clarify on some things I saw.

    - If you get the "verification error" when trying to flash the zip, either your phone is not rooted or you may have a corrupted download. Make sure you get the complete download and wait about 5 seconds before unplugging your phone from the computer, if you used a computer to transfer the file to the phone.

    - Once the PS3 is hacked and started, you can remove the phone and continue to use the PS3 with the hack still working. When the PS3 restarts or is turned off, you need to use the hack again. So every time you start the PS3 you need to use the hack with the phone plugged into the PS3. This only works with PSGroove/PSFreedom (the free stuff). If you bought a clone device or the official PS Jailbreak, it will crash your ps3 when you remove the device.

    - The hack disables other USB functions, but calls and apps should still work. Once you use the hack on the PS3, you can disable the hack to get the full functionality of your phone back again (full USB functions).

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mihau View Post

    how did you get the PS3 into debug? I also installed the jailbreak ready recovery image, but my PS3 wont start, the TV screen remains black... I pressed Power and Eject, get 3 Beeps but TV is black :-(

    It kinda sounds like to me that your hitting the power & eject button at the same time. That is incorrect! You need to hit the power first then immediately hit the eject button. Do not hit them at the same time.

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