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    gillist419 Guest
    Yeah duahh, I knew that He's got sprint. Thanks, now I know what file to download.

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    vikeor Guest
    I have a Hero so i'll give it a shot... anyone know what the story is with the supposed MAC banning?

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    chrykel Guest
    Hopefully they will make a mytouch slide port! It has android os I wonder if some of these other android phone ports will work with mytouch... can someone help please?

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    SovietSlayer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jes03 View Post
    Ported to everything but what I have. PSP and iPhone.
    tell me about it..
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    I know very little on this as well, however my understanding is GSM is like TMobile/AT&T (SIM cards), and CDMA is like Verizon/Sprint (no SIM cards) but I'm sure someone here has to be an expert on all this who can better assist.
    Ya that's basically the easiest way to explain it. More complex but accurate...

    GSM is a 2G, 2nd generation, network standard, called GPRS and by extension a 2.5G tech called EDGE.

    CDMA comes in two flavors. CDMA2000 which is what Verizon and Sprint use for there 3G network and W-CDMA which AT&T and T-moble use for there 3G network.

    So technically all carriers are CDMA but because people are stupid they refer to any carrier with a 2G GSM tech simply GSM and a carrier with a 3G CDMA tech simply CDMA. Also the Chinese and Japanese CDMA carriers have there own "sim" cards.

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    DreaDNoughT1666 Guest


    i'm just wondering, would the xperia X1 hack work on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro ?

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    zzk2001 Guest
    yeah... i am still waiting on a PSP port =( but i have a friend that has a TI-84 that's going to let me borrow it till a PSP port does come out

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    di4medollaz Guest
    You would think the devs would release the popular device ports like iphone and psp first but i guess there is a reason for that.
    Still i think im going to wait a bit for the scene to develop more before i jailbreak and hopefully someone will find a online solution and one that sony cant see like MS stealthed games.

    Lol still doesn't stop me from checking PS3 NEWS every couple hours for new news.

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    IHM Guest
    Ya i am in the same boat, sat here with a jailbroken iphone 4, and a PSP-2000 Running D3, and nothing, its unreal, my teensy is gonna be weeks to.


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    Mihau Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by vikeor View Post
    I have a Hero so i'll give it a shot... anyone know what the story is with the supposed MAC banning?
    would be great if you could give some Feedback if everything was working. I'am currently trying to boot the PSFreedom image on my Hero, but it isn't working :-(

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    Virtigod Guest
    I'm trying to get this done with a Sprint HTC Hero.......
    Unfortunately....... unable to fastboot the zImage

    FAILED (remote: not allow)............

    Anyone else have luck doing this on Sprint HTC Hero?

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