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    SwordOfWar Guest
    For some reason the file was not copied to /data. I have it working now, thanks!

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    condorstrike Guest
    nahh i got it to work, but CyMod6 won't boot up, even without replacing the boot img... i'll try again.

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    girlsname Guest
    Updated instructions and files for Droid Free: psfreedom.com/wiki/Motorola_Droid

    Droid Freedom Update: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=21349


    Motorola Droid running a compatible ROM (check list below)
    Droid-Freedom kernel (Thanks to Fat Man and Sick Boy!)
    Shortest Micro-B USB Cable possible
    PS3 Firmware 3.41

    Installation Instructions

    Copy Droid-Freedom.zip to SD Card

    Reboot phone into recovery


    Select Nandroid and Backup to make a backup of your current rom

    Choose "install zip from sdcard"

    Select "choose zip from sdcard"

    Scroll down until you highlight Droid-Freedom.zip and select it

    Choose "yes" at warning

    After install finishes reboot phone

    Your USB will now function as PSFreedom and PSFreedom alone

    Then, simply follow the normal PSFreedom instructions:

    Turn the switch off in the back of your Playstation 3 or unplug the power cord.

    Then plug in your device and plug in the power cord of the PS3 or flip the switch back on.

    Once you have that done, quickly press the power then immediately after press the eject button (as fast as you can).

    You will know it work when it takes a slightly longer time (about 5 seconds more) to turn on.

    The PS3 should boot up and you will see two new options in the games portion of the XMB (cross media bar).

    That's it, you've rooted your PS3, and you are ready to install Homebrew applications!

    You can now safely disconnect your device and return it to normal operation mode while enjoying this exploit.

    Removal Instructions

    Reboot phone into recovery

    Select "nandroid"

    Select "advanced restore"

    Choose the nandroid backup that you made previously

    Select "Restore boot"

    Select "Yes - Restore Boot"

    After restore finishes, reboot phone.


    Your phone will not be able to charge or use USB of any sort other than JB when flashed with this kernel.

    It is highly recommended that you make a backup of your current ROM. This will allow you to easily restore just the working Boot partition via Nandroid->Advance Restore later

    Use the shortest USB cord you can find as it helps with timing

    Timing may be a bit wonky so it might take a few tries. It does work though.

    The timing seems to work better if you dont have any other USB devices plugged in.

    ROM Compatibility List

    ROM Status
    CyanogenMod 6.0 Yes
    BuglessBeast v.4 Yes
    Froyo Kangerade V4.0.7 Yes
    Lithium Mod 1.0.12 Yes

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    sensismile Guest
    I wish the milstone could boot unsinged code too...


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    shiflux Guest
    It alsso has been ported to HTC Raphael. I'm using right now my HTC Touch Pro to hack the ps3.

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    IHM Guest
    Iphone and PSP SHEESH!, this wait is dreadful.

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    Montezumaa Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jokr2k10 View Post
    Sounds like an awful lot of stuff to go thru to do this! I hope that whenever they release an iPhone/iPod port, it wont be this difficult! I doubt it would... hopefully just be a cydia package... hopefully soon we can find out!
    I doubt that it will more difficult than this port (which, really, this port is not difficult to work with). I just wish that a port for the iPhone/iPod/iPad (or whichever of the Apple devices they are going to release it for) is released soon. These are the most popular devices, yet one of the last ports to be released.

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    venomous2005 Guest


    So i have a droid, and a bum blu-ray drive on my ps3. I own SC4 and would like to play it again. With this from my phone do i need to use a modified descriptor.h, or is this ready to go for playing backup's through backup manager?

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    EiKii Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by venomous2005 View Post
    So i have a droid, and a bum blu-ray drive on my ps3. I own SC4 and would like to play it again. With this from my phone do i need to use a modified descriptor.h, or is this ready to go for playing backup's through backup manager?
    for the moment you can't load without a working Blu-ray drive as backup mananger use it to emulate boot sequence, but rumors tells its incoming but hasent been confirmed yet.

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    venomous2005 Guest
    Ah, ok thank you for the fast reply

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