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  1. #91
    evilsperm Guest
    thejindesan: That's good news! the issue with the unknown usb device is still a showing its ugly face... but as long as its launching games I dont see an issue with that error

    kronwood that one I just posted will work on blackcat also, as well as maximus and minimus.

    I would like to see if a few more people can test it out and launch a few games.


  2. #92
    kornwood Guest
    i get the unknown usb error i can install packages but can run any of them.

  3. #93
    Koneesha Guest
    I was wondering if its possible for this to work on the TI 84s? Or is the coding for that completely different or something. If so could someone point me in the right direction to code it all, or something?

  4. #94
    evilsperm Guest
    someone already ported it to the ti but its having the same issues.

  5. #95
    Koneesha Guest
    Oh. Really? I must have missed that post then? So what's the issues, not booting, or just like the unknown usb, or something more drastic?

  6. #96
    BwE Guest
    still no news on copying dev flash?

  7. #97
    evilsperm Guest
    I tried a dump of 3.15 on my 3.41 with firmware loader but it muffs up the xmb pretty bad lol, anyway open another thread for that or this thread will get flooded.

  8. #98
    Flipk Guest
    @evil_sperm double confirmed, kungfu panda runs (didn't have a disc in hence not working) sweet now to buy a bigger internal drive

  9. #99
    kornwood Guest
    i should have asked earlier, is a bd drive required?

  10. #100
    evilsperm Guest
    kornwood: Looks that way for time being, I'm sure its being worked on with this port so you'll have to wait a few days I would imagine.

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