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Thread: PSFreedom Dream v1.1.2 Android Recovery Mode with Payloads

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    BwE Guest

    PSFreedom Dream v1.1.2 Android Recovery Mode with Payloads

    Update: Klutsh has now made available psfMod r0.8 PSFreedom for HTC Desire PS3 3.01 And 3.41, psfMod r0.9 PSFreedom for CDMA / GSM Desire PS3 3.01 And 3.41, psfMod r0.9.5.4, psfMod r0.9.6.0, psfMod r0.9.6.2, psfMod r0.9.6.5, and psfMod r0.9.7.0 PSFreedom Recovery Mod Images for Desire, N1, Evo, and Droid.

    PSFreedom Dream v1.1.2 by Amon_RA is a custom Android recovery mode specifically for PS3 owners that want to run PSFreedom that includes all available payloads.

    The only firmware that is currently compatible with PSFreedom is PS3 System Software 3.41.

    Download: Recovery PSFreedom Dream v1.1.2.img / Recovery PSFreedom Dream v1.1.1.img / Recovery PSFreedom Dream v1.1.0.img


    Default Android features:

    - ALL features of my recovery for the Dream are supported (including ABD and Mass storage toggle).


    - A new menu-item called "- Run PSFreedom" can be found in the main menu. The menu-item will lead to a submenu allowing you to choose different payloads and even a test shellcode :
    - No Blu-Ray emulation (Hermes): This is a modded PSGroove payload, which allows you to play backups without the need of a BluRay disc inside the PS3.
    - Blu-Ray emulation : This is the standard payload with Blu-Ray emulation support, which allows you to play backups.
    - Homebrew only : This is the standard payload without Blu-Ray emulation support. It does not allow you to play backups.
    - Blu-Ray emulation + peek/poke : This is the same as "Standard payload with BD-Emu", with additional peek and poke system calls. It is based on the PSGroove payload. It is only needed by developers.
    - Homebrew only + peek/poke : This is the same as "Standard payload without BD-Emu", with additional peek and poke system calls. It is based on the PSGroove payload. It is only needed by developers.
    - Test only shellcode : This is a test only shellcode that will force your PS3 to LV1 Panic (beeps, shuts down and blinks the red LED). It is useful to debug whether the shellcode gets executed or not, independently of the content of the payload.

    Usage on PS3:

    1. First shut your PlayStation 3 down and then flip the power switch in the back to off (on Slim models, unplug the power cable). Disconnect all USB devices (controllers, USB hard drives, etc.) from the PlayStation 3.

    2. Boot your phone into recovery mode, select "- Run PSFreedom" and choose a payload.

    3. Now, plug your Dream into one of the USB ports and flip the PS3's power switch back to the on position (or plug it back in). Do not turn the PS3 on with the power button yet.

    4. For the next step, timing is important. You will need to push the power button and then almost immediately after press the eject button, as if drumming your fingers across the two buttons. When you are successful, the PS3 will take a bit longer to start up.

    5. When XMB loads, under the "Game" menu there will be two new options, ? /app_home/PS3_GAME and ? Install Package Files. Congratulations, you've jailbroken your PS3. You're ready to install homebrew applications.

    Installation on phone:

    This recovery can be installed on any Dream, independent from the rom. Please follow the installation instruction of my regular recovery.


    - v1.1.2 : Added Hermes payload
    - v1.1.1 : Fixed payload for Blu-Ray emulation
    - v1.1.0 : Initial release.

    [imglink=|PSFreedom Dream v1.1.2 Android Recovery Mode with Payloads][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    Normally I would have just stuck this in one of the ongoing PSFreedom threads, but since you took the time to submit it (+Rep) we can start yet another thread for it.

    Let's try to keep any updates here though, so we don't end up with 20 threads on PSFreedom/PSGroove ports and updates.

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    Moreniu Guest
    Does it works with any android device? Like, can I go out and buy one of these cheap as hell samsung cellphones and Ill be able to get it to work?

    Edit: Nvm, only htc`s, found it!

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    BwE Guest
    any news is good news is what the website is called after all..

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    ramx2 Guest
    We should see it ported to iPhones real soon

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    revo75 Guest
    It has been ported long ago... to iphone linux there are guides every where how did you miss it?

    Anyways this recovery is great since we don't have to modify the kernel anymore on the rom and no longer lose USB mass storage etc. I was using this I am so glad he ported it over. I now have a ATAVRXPLAIN and thing is awesome!

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    ramx2 Guest
    revo, I know PSfreedom is ported to iPhones, I'm actually running it from my 2G, but there's no peek and poke support as I recall nor this new cool stuff here

    Maybe I missed something...

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    bl0wme Guest
    hey, please tell me this version is possible with iphone 2g.. i know the other one is possible with 2g but to run without a disc in drive is what i'm after. what do i do to the img file for it to work on 2g?


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    ramx2 Guest
    bl0wme, I was refering to this cool stuff, I guess we have to wait, since the dream is an HTC device...

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    MadCabbit Guest
    I see your other recovery works on multiple phones, any chance of a port of this to other phones? I'd love to see this as an alternative to the moto droid port. Seeing as that's not a phone supported by your other firmware and that the list of phones you've worked on is mainly non-US, probably not, but its nice to hope.

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