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Thread: PSFreedom Dream v1.1.2 Android Recovery Mode with Payloads

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    facelift Guest
    Will this be coming to iPhone ?

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    reddragon022 Guest
    wish this worked for XDANDROID (htc touch pro)... but yea i know, can't go into recovery mode unless you have a real android phone not winmo.. wish this worked on Raph/Diamond XDANDROID builds.

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    Nalgas Guest


    Is there any way to get this working on HTC Tattoo (Click)?


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    fldash Guest
    Need this for the EVO... Seriously.

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    kayiman2006 Guest


    how do we add new payload when they come out in the future, or in what folder on the phone do we put newest payload when they are out?

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    nikox Guest
    I assume we mount the img file and add it like in the ipod version.

    Would love to see the version where you don't need the disk in the drive included.

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    kayiman2006 Guest

    Big Grin that is already in there

    that is your answer, it is included in there:

    - No Blu-Ray emulation (Hermes): This is a modded PSGroove payload, which allows you to play backups without the need of a BluRay disc inside the PS3.

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    nikox Guest
    Oh, I read that as the version that didn't allow backups to be ran.

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    Jurai2 Guest
    This recovery rom is ONLY for the HTC Dream (Tmobile G1)

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    hayman Guest
    is there any news for the nokia N900... ?

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