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    PSDK 3.1.0 PS3 Homebrew SDK & Toolchain via PSL1ght Arrives

    Today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer the_marioga has released PSDK 3.1.0, a PS3 Homebrew SDK and Toolchain made with PSL1GHT which includes an installer and Multiusos 0.1 PS3 samples as well.

    Download: PSDK 3.1.0 PS3 Homebrew SDK & Toolchain via PSL1ght / PSDK 3.0 PS3 Homebrew SDK & Toolchain via PSL1ght / Multiusos 0.1 PS3 Samples

    To quote, roughly translated: New Toolchain + SDK for PS3 PS3SDK substitution that was already obsolete. No more presentations I leave you with the download and some extra information. Version 1.0:

    Composed by:
    • PS3Toolchain, and portlibs of PS3DEV PSL1GHT
    • SDL and SDL_LIBS of cebash
    • Hermes and tiny3d Ps3soundlib
    • Python tools for geohot
    • MinGW and MSYS

    Thanks to:
    • Ifcaro and Hermes, for their help in compiling
    • PS3dev, HackerChannel, Oopo and Hermes for their contributions to the SDK and toolchain
    • Nvidia and Python applications that complement the SDK


    1. Run. Exe (Self-Extractor is made 7zip) and unzip the folder in the root PSDK3 (C: )
    2. A compile time will need to use. Bat that I attached. This bat can find him in the name rar MakeIt.bat

    Inside the folder you can find PSDK3 and actualizador.bat, both serve to update the PSDK3 parts, so you need not download the whole pack every time something new comes out, it is all automatic, the process takes a while (2 or 3 minutes) so do not close the command window until the end

    Previous Version: PS3SDK3.0 (Thanks for uploading blipi)


    Moreover the public library that simplifies programming Multi psl1ght just have to unzip the rar k inside the folder PSl1ght (within PS3SDK)

    Version 0.1: Initial Release

    PSDK 3.1.0 PS3 Homebrew SDK & Toolchain via PSL1ght Arrives

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    Great! I'm going to download it, I like psl1ght.

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    i can't get this program to run, please help ?

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    anybody has these files? links above are dead...

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    I probably have them somewhere, but the file names aren't listed as this is a real old thread (from 2011) before we started listing them with the release download links.

    I will try to peek at my archives this weekend for them though.

    Update: I did a quick search and it appears the file name was PSDK3.1.0.exe, and although named slightly differently according to Google this may be a mirror for PSDK 3.1.0: PS3SDK.exe (54.91 MB)

    If that is an older version (due to the filesize being smaller) try this mirror instead: PSDK3.1.0.rar (84.4 MB)

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