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  1. #921
    pauliux963 Guest
    I created a new account. But my whole console is banned not the PSID

  2. #922
    GameDemon Guest

    Ps3 unban


    I just tried logging in after 1 month of off-line play to find out that my PS3 and PSN account had been banned. I guess that my PSN account is gone for good (too bad about my trophies...) but is it still possible to unban my PS3? I'm on 4.55 Rogero right now.

  3. #923
    pixellegolas Guest
    Hi folks! For the first time ever I have been banned. Don't even know why. I read somewhere alot of people where banned from cod ghost. I actually borrowd ghost from local library and installed. Played it ony offline. Could that be it?

    So, the problem is console got banned. I have a new PSID and used PSIDpatch and it all seemed fine. It bypassed PSN signup and it seemed I could login. I got a 800....error and now when I try to sign in it says again I am banned. I am thinking it could be the CFW version!? I use arch 4.55, could that be it? I think it is a 4.55 spoof only so maybe PSN saw this?

    step 2 will be to install rogero 4.55 and use PSNinja to wipe history. New consoleID and see if it works

  4. #924
    bigvern1979 Guest
    i have the same problem never played online only to find one day i had been banned i was playing cod ghost too but i cant even get mine back at all and dont know where to get a new psid or a console id so guess im stuck cant even watch my netflix now

  5. #925
    kalanda Guest
    Please Guys, help me I'm banned and how to unban?

  6. #926
    dyceast Guest
    Console or Account ban?

  7. #927
    kalanda Guest

  8. #928
    mexicanbruhh510 Guest
    what's the password for the third link?

  9. #929
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    If you can link me to the post it's in I will try to figure it out for ya

  10. #930
    kaosuvls Guest
    is this working?

    I am on rogero 4.55

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