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  1. #891
    echoes4ever Guest
    Any chances this unban works with my digital evo 4.41 ?! just got banned. probably netflix.

  2. #892
    warfan118 Guest
    sweet this is sick

  3. #893
    joekrow Guest

    PS3 Unban

    I am still a noob but I have managed to get my IDPS from my broken ps3 and on this other ps3 I am banned and I just installed Rogero 4.46 v 1.00 I want to know if there is any tool which I can use to get unbanned. Thank you and do appreciate your help Thank you.

  4. #894
    JeoWay Guest
    The only known way as of now (after pkg unbans) is too just change the console idps

  5. #895
    joekrow Guest
    and I know the new PSID changer only works on 4.40 does that even change the idps permanently or you need to do it every time you restart? which now spoofers are not working so you need to be on CFW 4.46 to go online

  6. #896
    dyceast Guest
    Ps3ita Manager v1.20 is written for 4.46

    Its only a temp change so you need to open it every time you turn on you ps3.

    You will most likely get banned again though.

  7. #897
    bannido Guest
    Been banned i guess, i am on cfw 4.46 rogero and i cannot enter in my both accounts so i guess banned, is there a method workly for back online?

  8. #898
    joekrow Guest
    so how does this help in unban because I don't see anywhere that states this can help in unbanning.

  9. #899
    dyceast Guest
    Ps3ita Manager on-top of being a backup manager also has the option to change your console ID! if you change this to another legit 1 you can go online again, before getting banned with the new ID

    PSN TOOL does the same to, but is not written for 4.46 cfw.

  10. #900
    Taufik Guest
    Changes made Ps3ita Manager ID actually permanently change the console ID is that true?

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