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    cfw : rogero 4.30 v2.30

    result : not working when i try to sign in i get error ban code

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    cfw : rogero 4.30 v2.03

    result : not working, error 227

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    Apr 2012
    Me too,
    cfw : rogero 4.30

    I am still banned and no sign of working!

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    Mar 2011
    its running but still same message ... system\account banned ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by seeman View Post
    its running but still same message ... system\account banned ....
    Are you trying to use the same account that was banned? There is only one way to unban an account.

    1. work for sony and form a crew like Sly Cooper
    2. Devise a plan to secretly gain access to thier central security unit which contains the bans.
    3. Bypass security checkpoints.
    4. 'Silence' any obstructions by all means.
    5. Have your bently character hack into the main processing unit to find the password.
    6. After hacking into the system find a file named 'bandilist' right click and delete.
    7. Escape as the alarm is at high alert, there will be a window. Fly out 007 style, you should have your own theme song.
    8. Meet up with team via PS3Scene, confirm that all bans have been released.
    9. Prepare high five with team.
    10. ???
    11. Profit, Sony will be shitting themselves in fear. We will then have control over sony.

    But seriously, create a new account and a new PS3 profile and delete the banned profile. Then run the program, it should work as this only unbann the PS3 itself, not the account you use for PSN

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    works perfect signed in again 3.55 cfw

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    it is working guys. only delete all user on ps3 and create new user and create new psn account on pc (not on ps3). install unban and run this app. press square and your ps3 is unban.

    i working on rogero 4.30cfw v2.03 and this app perfect working.

    sorry my bad english.

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    not working for me on 4.21 cfw

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    Apr 2012
    I use same CFW as you but it does not working, is there anything i can try, because i deleted all my account but still no luck!

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    is this app change your IDPS? Because when I run the app everything seems fine (program runs, I press square and then it boots back to the xmb), but when I check my IDPS through multiman, its still the same and my system is still banned. I'm on 4.30 rogero v1.4

    p.s. Its only a system ban as my account can still sign in from none banned console

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