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    I am with rogero 4.30, I've seen some people saying unban tools is working with rogero 4.40, I think they're using 4.30, that's the only think I can say for 4.40.

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    Yep, psunban tools 1.15b is working, thanks guys. if anyone needs help just ask.

    a little of topic, but, is anyone having issues with bf3 online pass on rogero 4.40 v1.03?

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    Don't play any BF online or you will get banned again in no time uff

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    Apr 2013
    I couldn't use Unban on my rogero 4.40 v1.03 machine. Can you help me?

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    Hi there, Yes. First thing you need to do is get a new idps (a valid one)

    Step two download this pkg (PS Unban v1.0.1 PKG Update By TomCat) and ps unban tools 1.15b.

    Make your own ps unban using the first pkg you downloaded and ps unban tools (Just as the last time[if you done it before]) with your other idps. Install it, run it and on the menu, press [ ] for 4.30 (It works on 4.40) Have Fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by GotNoUsername View Post
    Don't play any BF online or you will get banned again in no time uff
    Whats there to play? Besides you not playing is the same as being banned already. I got banned before (went to take a shower stayed in the lobby, got banned. so if you don't want to get banned don't do this) and didn't miss a thing. There's nothing left to do on psn except play.

    Not bashing you or anything, I appreciate your concern, really do, so thanks

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    I think my problem is finding valid idps. Anyway thank you for sharing your time.

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    I want to play fifa 13 online with rogero 4.40.. but when i am going to play that game they asking some file for download.. should i download that file or not?

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    its a game update right? something whit 1.01 or something a bit higher. if yes then you have to update it as the games for online always needs the newest game update.

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    Do I need to sign in to psn with a new account?

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    check this out: PS Unban v0.3 - 4.40 / ALL CFW - Link by zecarreiras24

    Hi guys! I made myself a fix for PS Unban and made it version v0.3!! This version contains multiple console ids, so everytime you start it, it will assing you a new valid console id. It will work for 3.55, 4.21, 4.30/4.31 and 4.40 . The file contains instructions and package files for each cfw version.

    You can get the package files here: Removed By Staff - Survey BS - User Banned!

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