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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    jotavip Guest
    Didn't worked on Rogero 4.40. The IDPS stays the same after I install the generated pkg. Anyone knows if ti works on Rogero 4.30?

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    dispo4 Guest
    It works for sure with rogero 4.30 because I have it, and using a valid idps since 2 days. I saw that with rogero 4.40 psunban was working, it maybe depend on what unban we use.

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    jotavip Guest


    Did you tried with the random IDPS generator, if any works? My unbanned PS3 was banned too, so I don't have anymore valid IDPS...

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    GopherTee Guest
    Still pointless.

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    shimaz Guest
    have you tried?

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    cocacolasux Guest
    The generator might work, but its all about luck.

    ok, i used psunban tools v1.15b, and a unban pkg which i dont remember witch version is it. I have a valid IDPS, the pkg I had made worked on 4.30 v2.05. Now the release note of the latest release not said that it does not work on 4.31 cfw, so how did you mange to get it working on 4.40?

    Could you tell me everything you used? psunban tools version, the psunban pkg you used and so on

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    dispo4 Guest
    I have rogero 4.30 2.05, I installed spoof 4.40, and now my unban created with psunban 1.15b

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    cocacolasux Guest
    could you tell me if psunban shows your current idps on multiman? (does it change, or multiman shows your true idps?

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    dispo4 Guest
    No on Multiman, my idps never change. But I already knew that, when I tried to create unban, I had error 8002A224, and without unban, it told me my system was banned when connecting to PSN.

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    cocacolasux Guest
    ok so it doesn't change. You said psunban works on 4.40 right (in some cases)? What option did you choose on the menu (psunban menu) 4.30, 4.21 or 3.55? since I'm on 4.40 i think 4.30 is the right one, but can you tell me which one you choose?

    I got no time to see that right now, going to school in 10 minutes. When I get back I'll check it out.

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