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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    dispo4 Guest
    I've already try to generate many idps as this video says, but no luck But I'll get a idps from a ps3 friend, then it might be ok
    Yes with psunban tools it work on rogero 4.40

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    jotavip Guest
    If I have no luck with PSUnban, I'll put my unbanned IDPS on the banned console. One question: The banned console is the fat version, and the unbanned is slim version. Any problems to put the slim console ID on a FAT console?

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    dispo4 Guest
    According to some people, no problems, just put the exact idps to the banned ps3 and it might rock

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    cocacolasux Guest
    hey there, I just updated to rogero 4.40 v1.03 in the hope of psunban tools still be working, but is not, i made my own with another idps i had, but the app wont change my idps at all. so is there any other way to unban? perhaps PS3ITA loader 0.2? can anyone confirm psunban or ps3ita loader is workingo on rogero 4.40?

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    ecw Guest
    Just use the PSID Patcher for 4.40.

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    cocacolasux Guest
    yes, but its no stealthed is it? thx for the answer

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    azat501 Guest
    I did use it for a hour but not working for me. I couldn't find any working PSID.

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    cocacolasux Guest
    You mean you got banned after 1 hours?? Is psid stealth or not? (like psunban)

    How? Could you tell me what you did to get psunban working on rogero 4.40?

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    azat501 Guest
    Nope i banned like 2 weeks ago and after that i used PSID patcher but didnt work for me.I can only use my internet connection with multiman but cannot connect psn and play games online.

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    cocacolasux Guest
    Do you have a valid idps? that might be the problem.

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