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  1. #821
    appache777 Guest
    Buy a new ps3 get a the idps from its then return it lol

  2. #822
    dispo4 Guest
    lol, what a good idea ! I didn't played enought online to do this, I have some offline games to finish first I hope a hardware solution can come, but I think PS4 will be out that we'll can't be able to play online, then we'll better focus on offline games

  3. #823
    lightcompact Guest
    I wonder if there will be one for 4.40. Mine got banned too. Which sucks.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    PS3ITA Loader v0.2 Updated, Unban PS3 Consoles from Sony PSN

    Following up on their PS3ITA Loader v0.1, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer airart has updated the homebrew application to PS3ITA Loader v0.2 for those interested in unbanning their PS3 console.

    Download: PS3ITA Loader v0.2

    Note: PS3ITA Loader v0.2 is ONLY for PS3 CFW PS3ITA 4.21 DEX 2.2.

    To quote, roughly translated: Guys here is the version 0.2 of ps3ita loader, now make sure you know if you have entered a valid id console and in the log file prints the current console id and console id changed.

    Through the program ps3ita loader you can manage the core ps3itald.self and add / remove features that will run automatically when you boot the console (I think many of you will appreciate the “install_new_idps” allows you to permanently change your console id with one of your choice).

    Ps3ita Loader:

    1. Copy the folder ps3ita the root of the USB stick.

    2. Move the flag you want to install from the / ps3ita/NOT_ACTIVE in / ps3ita. (flags are simple text files, and inside they explained their function).

    3. Insert the USB stick into the port on the right of the PS3.

    4. Install the pkg “ps3ita_loader” and run it. If something goes wrong, the LED turns red, otherwise fine. A log file in / dev_usb000/ps3ita cmq will be created to verify if all the steps have taken place properly.

    5. The new features are now active.

    NOTE: change the console id is required only if you have a ps3 banned , otherwise let go of the whole procedure and login to the PSN as you were on a common original firmware sony

    Requirements: a USB stick – a valid console id (do not ask us) – the pkg

    1) Create the root of the USB stick folder ps3ita

    2) Inside the folder ps3ita created a text file and name it install_new_idps

    3) Open with a text editor the file install_new_idps just created and write in the console id. id The console consists of 32 digits and must be written all attached (no spaces between numbers and others). Example console id (is invented, do not use it): 00000001008500081009999999999999

    4) Well now you turn on the PS3, insert the USB stick into the USB port to the right.

    5) Install the pkg

    6) If everything went correctly the ps3 will automatically restart and the LED will be yellow, otherwise the LED will turn red. A text file will be created in the log usb stick (in the ps3ita) and list any errors. 7) Now the new console id is active and you can connect to PSN with a simple login.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  5. #825
    jotavip Guest
    One simple question: I have 2 ps3. One is banned because of playing BO2 in rogero 4.40, the other one isn' banned, and is running cfw too.

    Can I take the unbanned PSID and put in the banned console, to unban it, and have the two consoles with the same PSID?

    They will not be online at the same time, but it can happens.

  6. #826
    dispo4 Guest
    Yes it's possible, you have to use psid patcher for example, install it on each ps3, and report the valid Console ID to your banned console. But you'll have to patch your console ID each time you want to play online

  7. #827
    psid works like a charm. just "discover" a "green" psid and be happy.. if you have ps3ita, use this pck linked. if you have another cfw 4.4x, just use psid patch 4.4x (by striker) and log into psn/psnplus.

    Don't have a psid? research, you can found much more than 1/2/3 idps... Just think about the research. Thankz ps4news.com.!

    PSID Ownz.

  8. #828
    dispo4 Guest
    You get some valid idps for free to unban your ps3 ?? Where the heck ??

  9. #829
    spyrog2670 Guest
    You can generate random idps. You may get a valid one. I have tried and it worked!!

    Watch this: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post451016

  10. #830
    jotavip Guest
    I'll try to generate one. This PS3ITA Loader will work on Rogero 4.40? If no, where can I find this psid patch 4.4x? Thanks

    I downloaded PSUnban Tools v1.15b. Will this work on Rogero 4.40?

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