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Thread: PS_Unban v0.1: PS3 3.55 Unban and 4.21 Unban PKG Files Arrive!

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    nilmar4444 Guest
    What is the Password?

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    BiteYourConsole Unban Tool 1.1 is Now Available

    There is an unpassworded version in the main article, but from what I gather it's no longer working anyway as when Sony detects too many people using the ID it gets craplisted rendering it useless.

    However, an update is available that may still be working as follows:

    Download: BiteYourConsole Unban Tool (755 KB) / BiteYourConsole Unban Tool (Mirror) / Spoof (15.1 MB) / Spoof (Mirror)

    PS_Unban is software that allows you to remove the ban on the PlayStation 3 with Custom Firmware 3:55, 4.21 and 4.30 in a few easy steps. This software was created by a team of BiteYourConsole changing the original version of the software that was no longer functioning; Periodically we release new version to allow any user to return to play on PSN.

    What is possible with:
    • Allows you to play online on PSN
    • Allows you to interact online with other PSN users
    • Access to the PlayStation Plus
    • Access to the PlayStation Store
    • Access to the PlayStation Home

    What does not allow for:
    • It does not allow you to play online with Pass false
    • It does not allow you to play online with games that connect to the server Treyarch
    • It does not allow you to play online with the saga of Call of Duty
    • Can not use Homebrew during online gaming sessions
    • If you do not follow the rules above will be immediately banned your console again, and again you can not use this version of the PS_Unban, so please stick to these limitations and the guidance below

    • PS_Unban BiteYourConsole Mod 1.1 download from this link (above)
    • Download the spoof 4:40 this link (above)
    • Unzip the packages. Zip to obtain the file format. Pkg
    • Transfer the pkg in a key or a Hardisk formatted in FAT32
    • Install the file by using the "install package files" on your PS3
    • Create a new PSN Account
    • Start your backup manager and select the game of your interest
    • Click PS_Unban and start it
    • Now start the game directly dall'XBMC and connect with your new PSN ID

    From coldlm comes a Proper Way How to Keep Your PSN Alive Guide, as follows:

    Everywhere i go there is ppl posting and giving advices about hiding your jailbroken PS3 from Sony so you don't get banned, but all of them are wrong, and i promise you some of you are lucky because Sony doesn't really give a shit about any one this days because they are developing a new network and of-course the new console, which is going to be very hard to crack but it will be cracked like usual. Any way back to the point!

    The key of this Tut is to make your console looks exactly like any other PS3 with a normal OFW, so Sony wont bother with you, this means you will keep your PSN, and console not banned!

    1/ Never lunch a homebrew app while you are loged in to your PSN, Duhhhhhhhh

    2/ Never play new games or pre released games online, dont do it!

    3/ Cleaning your pushlist (game.dat/patch.dat) and your boot history (boot_history.dat)

    Most people will just keep Multiman clean activity logs for them, meaning every time you go into multiman and load a game or do what ever, the moment you exit multiman will automatically reset your pushlist but not you boot history!

    Thats a good thing why because your PS3 will send your pushlist and boot history every time you connect to the internet with you PS3, so you dont have any traces of any homebrew on your PS3 so you are safe! ... WRONG

    multiman will only reset your pushlist but not you boot histoy, that means Sony will see that you have an emty list the first few times and it will know that you are doing something fishy, and they can take a look at your boot history, and you are ****ed!

    The best way to get around this is
    Go to your router or modem disconnect from the internet,
    Open Multiman and keep it running,
    go to your PC open FileZilla Client,
    connect to your PS3 to do this you need your PS3 IP address and the Port which is 21 always 21! (to see yours PS3 IP check in multiman/settings/system Infos)

    Put your PS3 IP in filezela and the 21 as a port, and hit the connect button,

    go to your pushlist /dev_hdd0/vsh/pushlist
    Select both files there and delete them,
    now creat a new once, how to do that, easy, on your PC
    create a new notepad and name it game.dat then create another Notepad and name it patch.dat

    drag both new files to thier place on your PS3 /dev_hdd0/vsh/pushlist

    Select both of them and right click and set the permission to Read only
    Screenshot (23).png

    We are done with the Pushlist for now, now we have to go take care of the boot history

    locate your boot histoy /dev_hdd0/home/00000002/etc the 00000002 is my second PS3 profile, if you have only one profile on your PS3 you will find it 00000001 . ONCE THERE
    Delete this file boot_history.dat, and create a new one with notepad just like we didt earlier,
    Create a new notepad on you PC and name it boot_history.dat and drag it back to his place
    and set the pemission to Read only exactly like earlier!

    Now back to your Multiman, Settings and find Clean Activity Logs switch it to NO

    Exit Multiman and Reboot your PS3, after rebooting Run a couple Legal games, by legal i mean the original game disc not a back up or anything related to any homebrew stuff, Boot 3 games for 10 mins each, Back Multiman and back up the new pushlist and the boot history to your PC.

    For now most ppl will tell you that you are are set and good to go to your PSN and stay safe and sony cant see your little darck secret! now again very wrong by settig the permission to read only, Sony can still see whats going on your PS3!

    Now to be 100% safe is to change you Pushlist and boot history files with the once we backed up earlier, everytime you run a homebrew pn you PS3. Example if you load multiman or any homebrew app, your gonna have to replace your pushlist and boot history files, with the once we backed up,

    this time is by using OpenPS3FTP just google it it i cant post links yet! put your PS3 IP address and Name is root, Password, openbox and port is always 21! on FileZilla Client on your computer, and Set the permission to Read only everytime!

    After this step you should be very clean i mean your PS3 is clean and legal and safe to play online

    4/ never log in to your PSN from your XMB, only inside the game you want to play

    5/ dont cheat online, Never cheat online thats a big noo no because one missmatch and most games have a server already setup to ban you

    6/ do not be an Idiot online, dont start probemes with ppl, and keep it just for fun

    7/ Never stay too long on PSN store, infect to be safe never go there while logged in to your PSN!

    8/ logout when you dont use your PSN

    For now this about everything you can do to keep you online, i will add new tricks if i see any. Hope this helps one or two!

    Finally, from bigfishbad: 100% way to Unban a PS3

    1st ban i was flagged for playing black ops 2
    2nd ban i wanted it to experiment how to unban myself
    3rd ban i got i THINK it was for playing crysis 3? or hitman it was the only games i was playing

    And all you need to patch is your console ID (EXAMPLE)
    -------------Console ID-------------- ------------PSID---------------------
    0000000100870006190436BA2E187XBC | 0012000B68C14053F8BCCCA0207CC348
    Here are the offsets to help save people some time if you are looking to port a unban tool from 3.55 to any FW i have listed below

    3.55 Rebug


    MAC ADDRESS : 0007C810 (starting from 5th digit)
    MAC ADDRESS : 0016BC00 (starting from 5th digit)
    MAC ADDRESS : 004F21A0 (starting from 9th digit)
    MAC ADDRESS : 00E5B730 (starting from 17th digit)

    CONSOLE ID : 000E0560 (starting from the 3rd digit)
    CONSOLE ID : 000F1DB0 (starting on the 9th digit)
    CONSOLE ID : 000F2020 (starting on the 25 digit)
    CONSOLE ID : 000F22E0 (starting on the 25 digit)
    CONSOLE ID : 000F25B0 (starting on the 9th digit)
    CONSOLE ID : 00E48960 (hole line)

    PS ID : 000E05E0 (starting from the 19th digit)
    PS ID : 000F2100 (hole line)


    MAC ADDRESS : (not there or can't find it)

    CONSOLE ID : 003C2EF0 (start of line)
    CONSOLE ID : 00452170 (starting from 9th digit)

    PS ID : 00452180 (starting from 25th digit)

    Rebug 4.21

    MAC ADDRESS : 0007C810 (starts on the 5th digit)
    MAC ADDRESS : 0015DC00 (starts on the 5th digit)
    MAC ADDRESS : 00E2BODO (starts on the 17th digit)

    PSID : 00064B00

    CONSOLE ID : 000E1980 (starts on the 19th digit on that line)
    CONSOLE ID : 00162750 (from the beginning of that line)


    MAC ADDRESS : (wasn't there or i couldn't find it)
    PSID : (wasn't there or i couldn't find it)
    CONSOLE ID : 00477EB0 (starts on the 9th digit)

    Rogero 4.30


    MAC ADDRESS : 0007C810 (starts on the 5th digit)
    MAC ADDRESS : 0015DC00 (starts on the 5th digit)
    MAC ADDRESS : 00E2AD20 (from start of that line)

    PSID : 00064F80

    CONSOLE ID : 000E1980 (starts on the 19th digit on that line)
    CONSOLE ID : 00125740 (from the beginning of that line)


    MAC ADDRESS : (wasn't there or i couldn't find it)

    PSID : (wasn't there or i couldn't find it)

    CONSOLE ID : 00476F50 (starts on the 9th digit on that line)

    You could ALSO patch your nor flash (not sure if anyone has ever tried)

    (NORBIN offsets)

    0002F070 - Console ID
    0003F080 - PSID
    000303D0 - Console ID
    000303E0 - PSID
    0003F040 - MAC

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    ThaDraGun Guest
    So this doesnt work anymore??

    I'm banned and can't figure out how to get back on psn.

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    Lightbulb Tutorial: Unban your PS3 by Flashing a New IDPS Using Software Only

    If you try the updated version in my post above that one may still work, for how long is anybody's guess though.

    Also below is a Tutorial: Unban Your PS3 by Flashing a New IDPS Using Software Only by atreyu187 via slarty1408

    So I am writing this as there isn't a real clear cut guide out there on just exactly how to do this from start to finish as you need more then just the app and a new IDPS to change your IDPS instead of having to run apps every time to use your new IDPS. This is a work in progress as I am trying to really document each step to make it as easy as possible, So please check back as I will be updating this throughout the day.


    1~ First thing we need to do is to get a good valid dump of your flash. So for this I myself use Rebug Toolbox. I made a total of four dumps with the toolbox then transferred them all to my PC. From here I ran a hash check to ensure the integrity of the files were all good. Using CLRMame simply fire up the app and choose "dir2dat" and point it to the folder where you moved your flash dumps. Then simply open the dat with notepad to see if all the numbers match for all the dumps as they should provided you don't have any bad blocks or just a bad dump. Once you are sure they are all the same and have a matching set choose one to work with and keep the others backed up for another time.

    2~ Second step is running the cygwin setup.exe from above and then allow it to download the needed files and install. For the sake of this guide Once you run setup.exe have it add the files to c:\cygwin. Then you need to install openssh in order to use IDPS Changer properly. Double click setup.exe again and in the search box type "openssl" on the "Select Packages" step, expanding "Net" option, and clicking the "Next" button. Use the image below as a reference.

    Again just set the files to download in the c:\cygwin folder to ensure all the needed .dll files are there for openssh to work properly or the app will crash every time.

    3~ Now grab your NOR/NAND dump and rename the file to "dump.bin" also grab your eEID Root Key rename to eid_root_key.bin. Once this is done again place the files in c:\cygwin. If you don't have your root key you will have to downgrade back to 3.55 first. There are numerous guides right here in these very forums that have documented this process very thoroughly and there is no sense beating a dead horse. Google is your friend folks.

    4~ Extract the IDPS Changer into the c:\cygwin, it will have one .dll file and the exe for the application. Once you have all the files installed and moved into c:\cygwin it is time to make a few compatibility changes. I am using Windows 7 x64 and this works every time I have unbanned friends systems. First right click on openssh.exe and enable XP SP2 compatibility on openssl.exe, then right click on both openssl.exe and IDPS Changer.exe, then enable admin access to these files.

    5~ Now we run the app, so double click IDPS Changer.exe and it will ask you for your new IDPS if it detects the root key and a valid flash dump. If not please recheck and make sure your files are named properly. After this it will ask if you want to change your MAC address. You can easily make one by simply going to this site and clicking "create MAC Address. In the drop down box choose the bottom one that only gives letters and numbers or you will have to remove them for IDPS to recognize the new MAC. Press enter and wait...

    6~ After you have done this it will make a new file called "dump_patched.bin" in the c:\cygwin folder. We need to rename this file for Multiman to recognize it as a valid flash or it will not allow flashing.


    Once you have renamed this file accordingly copy and paste it to a USB flash drive.

    7~ Fire up Multiman and go to the mMOS. Insert your flash drive into the PS3 and await for the newly patched dump to show up on the USB device. Double click the file and it will ask if you are sure just click yes. Provided the image was done it will start to flash, if not re-read what was here as I just did it step by step. I had no troubles with this method. Anyhow once it is done flashing simply reboot your PS3 and go back to mM again but this time go to "System Settings" and you will see your new valid IDPS has been installed for good.

    I hope this helps a few people out, as I said I will be adding pictures and such today. I am just up at 5am as i can't sleep and needing something to occupy my time. It is fairly straight forward and on a scale of 1-10 I give it a 2, time consuming not difficult.

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    ThaDraGun Guest
    Sorry ya the bottom of your post wasn't displayed on the page when I replied to it. I tried that file and it doesn't work for me.

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    haznpapo Guest
    Why when I try to install ps_unban it says a later version is already installed please help

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    Showstopa305 Guest


    not working for me i'm on rogero and it still says i'm banned, i've ran the spoof , then i run the unban, but when i try to sign in, it says i'm still banned, i've even created a new psn, i don't know what to do anymore

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    nilmar4444 Guest
    Not work in MiraLaTijera 4.40, i'm banned

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    Mlody Guest
    Not work, I have a ban on

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    kalaner Guest
    This stopped to work Saturday morning, took 13 hours and it got patched...

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