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    this one got banned not working anymore... i have made my own ps unban using ps unban tools and it still working... almost one week.. because i'm the only one using this.. i got this valid console id from my friend and i'm playing black ops 2 anymore like before.

    i mean im not playing black ops 2 anymore

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    Excuse me, but could someone explain this to me? I have a Playstation 3 running Rogero 4.30. I am not banned, but i'd like to play online; that is, with this package apparently spoofing your console ID. Do I need anything prior to installing this package? Moreover, could someone create a tutorial on how to use this? I would not like to brick my system.

    Thank you.

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    Hello my hard earned trophy account is banned how to transfer all my trophies to my new account and synconise them?

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    PS Unban TOM21: by

    Nota: Connessione PSN: OK

    Connessione Store: Failed

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    How can i find a IPS to make my own Unban tool?

    Where does the IPS is written on?

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    Apr 2012
    Patched, doesn't work anymore...

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    i dont know what is in their mind... they releasing a update but same console id and banned..

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    Any new ps unban?

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    Apr 2012
    Nope, not for the moment, we have to wait like 2 more days

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    Where can I find the Console ID?

    I have another Playstation 3 But I don't know where i can find it.

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