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    was workin last night

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    can someone share with me a valid console id? please i would thank you with my life! i made hundreds of pkg but my tv is old and i get video output error everytime i cant even test any pkg. i just used to play bf3 psn version, gt5 and mk9.

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    My screen is black when i start the app. My firmware is 4.21. someone knows why? TY

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    I was banned from PSN a long time ago. Can I use this to get access again?

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    This tool is just to spoof your console ID so that your real one does not get banned, in other words if you got banned before just forget this tool it wont work.

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    Dec 2010
    I am still playing COD-MW3 without any problems at all. No ID-spoof no nothing. I think that modified files are the reason, why some ppl get banned. Modifying files is cheating, this includes all kind of fixes (No 3.55 fixes or anything else). So I can just advise you again to use ORIGINAL files ONLY and stay away from BO2 (even if its playable)...

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    Sorry to prove you wrong man but this tool worked for me.

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    No offense, but what's the point calling it unban.pkg if it doesn't unban you? They should have called it a id spoofer or something.

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    Oct 2012
    Really work for those who get banned??

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    Plz explain with full Tutorial I am a noob

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