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  1. #721
    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    How to create a unban pkg for 3.55 i have the new id?

    I have the ps id and what now? stoker psid will not work.

  2. #722
    yoyoma Guest
    how to resign raps? tool says to use reactpsn but reactpsn says it does not work on rogero yet, am i doing something wrong?

    can I PM someone for a little bit of help? I followed the instructions but may have made a little mistake somewhere without realizing it? I won't take very long I can explain quickly. please someone let me know if i can PM them for help... thanks..

  3. #723
    ecw Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by JAYRIDER666 View Post
    How to create a unban pkg for 3.55 i have the new id?
    You just need the 3.55 version of PSID. It works great as long as you have a valid ID. I have been using it for months now and get online just fine.

  4. #724
    scousetomo Guest
    i'm on rogero, i got a ofw id with wireshark then used ps unban tool ver 1.0 and when it says make a unban with ya own id type your 32 digit id and it will make you a unban. i have to run it whenever i boot my ps3 hope it helps. i tried the newest version only 1.0 worked for me.

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    Apr 2005

    Exclamation Black Ops 2 CFW Scans

    Below are what buc-shotz from NGU reports that Treyarch scans from Black Ops 2 on a CFW PS3 for those interested:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    [Register or Login to view code]

  6. #726
    yoyoma Guest
    i get the error 8002A224 too, does that mean i should keep trying to generate random idps until I get the right one or is there an easier way to bypass this..??

    oh yeah and I downloaded the psid patch and keep randomizing my console id and psid then push triangle to quit and try and sign in but it still doesn't work..! am i missing something here? please help! i feel so close yet so far.. -.-

    i think i tried too many times my ps3 just froze -_- i'm gonna stop for now check back here for advice later.. c'mon guys, still waiting for someone to help me out. i know you've all got the brains to do it, now show some kindness

  7. #727
    ecw Guest
    Good luck generating a valid ID. The odds are against you lol. You NEED a valid console ID and matching PSID if you can get it. That's all there is to it really.

  8. #728
    scousetomo Guest
    i tried the same route as you must have tried 50 differant random ids not one worked then i remembered i had a old ylod one lying around so i just pasted it up gave it a quick repair and followed the wireshark tutorial thats on here and got the id off that.

    that lets me sign in as normal i don't know how long it will last but i think that your only option matey till someone fiqures a permanent patch or fix

  9. #729
    yoyoma Guest
    today marks the day my dreams were crushed... at least until someone finds a fix... but until then...

  10. #730
    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    i have a problem, i enter the ps id 32 numbers in psid and it will not work. i push the button to change the id

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