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  1. #691
    Jttd Guest
    ya i have the same issue too..

  2. #692
    kingsora831 Guest
    i'm having trouble generating a package at all. it keeps saying unable to find eboot even though i have a ps_unban package in the pkg folder.

    also, when i generate an eboot where does it save?

  3. #693
    ecw Guest
    Are you trying to inject your own ID into the unban app? What tools are you using?

  4. #694
    kingsora831 Guest
    i'm using the tools provided in the link and i click on option 5 which is generate a stealth ps_unban with a generated psid, but the process never finishes because it says its unable to find an eboot.

    i also attempted to generate an eboot with a random psid, to install original ps_unban then switch the eboot thru multiman but when i generate the eboot i can't find where the eboot is saved to.

  5. #695
    hishamage Guest
    i want to offer a console id where do i do it?

  6. #696
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    You would just post it in the thread, as this is only for public discussion not private ids.

  7. #697
    solokaz Guest
    thanks man but I get an error code 8002A224 can someone tell me what is it...

  8. #698
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    That error code is covered here, basically a non-genuine console ID: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post449535

  9. #699
    StanSmith Guest
    Anyone else find that Mega is REALLY slow. I download this from a mirror even before Mega loaded up. Not a good site for files if you ask me. Its too slow and I'm yet to download something from it as I cant even load up the page to get near the file.

    Anyway, thanks for this unban app, its what I requested a few weeks back and now its here... I think, I haven't checked it out yet but it sounds like what I requested.

    Ok, I made 15 eboots with this and so far none have worked. To be more specific they do work as an eboot but none of them unban my console. Keep getting a 8002A224 error every time I try to get on PSN. I believe that code is console is banned error.

  10. #700
    kingsora831 Guest
    actually that error means that the console id you provided is invalid. yes its a pain to get a working console id. best you can do is purchase a second ps3 or find another ps3 someway and grab the console id off of it.

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