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  1. #681
    justev Guest
    You don't need a matched Psid, just a unbanned one. A decent ps3 save resigner will show you a valid Psid.

  2. #682
    ecw Guest
    All you need is an unbanned valid console id and you can make you own unban.

  3. #683
    emy99 Guest
    how? Is this not working or I'm stupid

  4. #684
    ecw Guest
    You just inject your ID from a broken console into the unban app for your firmware. It doesn't guarantee you won't get banned but it might last longer.

  5. #685
    kingsora831 Guest
    so basically, if i don't have a broken ps3 or a second ps3 to get a console id from I'm screwed? or is there some other way i can still get back online?

  6. #686
    scousetomo Guest
    i have got a old ofw console that i have pasted up just so it will last a while i have found were it says devid on wireshark but for the life of me cant fiqure out were my id starts and ends there are tutorials around but only in german so i cant grasp the end bit

  7. #687
    morvuz Guest

    Cool PSUnban Tools v1.12 By Sazerty - PSUnban PS3 Homebrew Utility

    Following up on the previous revisions and related guides, this weekend Sazerty has updated the PSUnban Tools PS3 homebrew utility to v1.12 with the changes detailed below.

    Download: PSUnban Tools v1.12 / PSUnban Tools v1.12 (Mirror)

    From the included ReadMe file: PSUnban Tools v1.12 by Sazerty - PSUnban Utility

    0. Rename the pkg with the idps inside
    1. Resign your raps with this new idps

    Make your own PSUnban

    A. Make your own stealth PSUnban by enter your IDPS
    B. Generate your stealth PSUnban by a random IDPS number
    E. Generate random idps EBOOT.BIN (fast test)

    C. Credits
    I. Instructions
    X. Exit

    Note: Place the PSUnban PKG file in the pkg folder of this tools.


    • Corection bug that generated the EBOOT.BIN always the same 2nd part of the IDPS (bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb)

    • Updated from version 2.04 PARAM.SFO (more demand shift for the moment)

    • Added missing ddl the package.
    • Fixed bug with renaming
    • Create the pkg now stealth: the program is called VidZone and is in the TV menu on the XMB.

    • Initial-release (beta)

    I'm new on this page but I bring this tool to create a random PSUnban, I hope you can get a valid psid.pkg.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  8. #688
    ecw Guest
    Random ID rarely work. You really should have a valid one from a broken PS3.

    Quote Originally Posted by kingsora831 View Post
    so basically, if i don't have a broken ps3 or a second ps3 to get a console id from I'm screwed? or is there some other way i can still get back online?
    There is always xlink kai and some others but they are limited. As for PSN, you will need a valid ID no matter how you get it.

  9. #689
    SkyKing Guest
    How does one figure out their ps3's ID if the ps3 itself is broken?

  10. #690
    kingsora831 Guest
    well what are the other ways to get a valid id. sorry if im sounding noobish. i just never been following psunban as i thought i would never get banned. i've only used my ps3 to sync trophies and occassionally watch netflix.

    p.s.: i've seen a post on the previous page about psid.

    will that program help someone like me in this situation? or should i not even bother trying.

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