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    Ps unban 0.73 pached damn sony

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    Jan 2013
    they're getting faster and faster

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    Nov 2011
    I think this is making sonys job real easy. Err 200 maybe 500 peeps sign in with the same console id, it would stand out a tad.

    Thanks to the guys that have released these ids though.

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    this is true

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    Deleted 12+ posts, issued several more infractions... remember to follow the clear rules when posting here guys! I have added the latest updates to the main article HERE as well now.

    1) English only
    2) Post all content here, no external spam links in foreign languages
    3) Do not discourage others from posting IDs, that is what this thread is intended for

    Failing to follow the above will result in an infraction from herein.

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    Jan 2013

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    Hello People !

    Have a great news for you !

    SAZERTY a member of an other forum (a little french) create a software:

    Generator of ps unban

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    great little find that mate i tried a few random ones no joy yet but its sunday so will play about some more later. also does anyone know a easy way of getting a ylod non custom firmware id off it? i haven't got a flasher

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    its not working

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    Omg!!! Hey guys i swear to god i managed to generate a random ps id!!! And it works!!!

    I changed one number in my banned ps id and it worked omg!!!

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